Friday, March 9, 2012

NAG - Money making scheme .... fuyoh, I like it !!!!!!

A fictional story that bears no resemblance to reality.

Once upon a time, someone from MCF has offered one Chess Association locates in Klang Valley to do the infamous "money making scheme" event called National Age-Group. He contacted the secretary of the association and try to sell how nice and priviledge it will be if the Chess Association takes the offer.

The secretary was so excited that the Association can finally make good money out of this "money making scheme" event that offers no prize money at all. Looks good if 200pax turn up, a clean RM 8,000 into pocket, i mean bank account. What if 400pax, wow a RM 16,000 into pocket. Fuyoh!!!!!!!! The Secretary then ask this offerer what's the catch since it's free money.

Well, the Offerer said "All you need is to select 3 days from the calendar and rent an air-cond hall that can fits 500 pax (fyi, 468pax was the record for NAG), tables, chairs, medals, chess set, chess clocks, scoresheets, stationeries, cartridges, well it must includes manpower as well, and ..... ".

The Secretary interupted the conversation by saying "Air-cond Hall that can fit 500 pax for 3 days = RM 5,000 or more, Tables and Chairs for 500 pax = RM 2,500, 90 pcs of metal medals = RM 1,000, Equipments = RM 4,000, Scoresheet = RM 1,000, Stationeries/Cartridges RM 300, MCF Rating Fee = RM 1,000, ahhh my stomach could not take it anymore as these add-up to RM 14,800".

Then, the Secretary asked the Offerer whether MCF is going to provide 20 to 30 helpers aka Arbiters who can offer themselves (aka volunteer) for 4 days, you know the place need to be setup too. He was shocked to hear "No charges, are you kidding me?" from the Offerer. The Offerer said "I recommend you give them RM50 a day (12hrs of work daily) for transportation, breakfast, lunch etc. So, it works out to be RM 200/person i.e. RM 6000 for 30 volunteers". Also, remember the sanctioned fee of National event @ RM 10/head count.

The Secretary run through the math: The Association will gets RM 20,000 for 500 pax; then pay RM 14,800 for non-manpower related costing plus RM 6,000 (allowances) for 30 volunteers. This gives the Association err ...... What if only 400 pax turn-up? Thank you so much for "money making scheme" event. The Secretary politely declined the offer from the Offerer.

Added notes: On 16th March, a week after this FICTIONAL Story was put up. It surprised me that someone actually took this article for real. When this article was posted on 9th March, the first paragraph in this article did mention the story is FICTIONAL. It was written with some sense of humors to capture readers attention within the chess community and it adds some spice to the upcoming NAG 2012.

For those who want to read Part 2 of this FICTIONAL story, click here. I hope no one will take this FICTIONAL story as REAL again. Cheers!!