Monday, June 14, 2010

5th MBSSKL Chess Tournament on 24th July (SAT)

Source: MBSSKL website

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Laki-Laki Methodist, Jalan Hang Jebat Kuala Lumpur, MBSSKL is organizing its 5th Chess Open Tournament following the success of “LARGEST CHESS TOURNAMENT”, four years ago where we achieved a measure of success by making it into The Malaysia Book of Records as the school with the highest numbers of chess players at one time. Applications are now open, and interested individuals and parties may now register using the entry form found at the link here. This year’s event is on a more modest scale and we expect about 200 participants.

Attractive prizes are offered for all categories and entries from schools are encouraged. Those who wish to sponsor in cash and kind please contact the school at the numbers listed below.

Register now to avoid disappointment!


* To promote RACIAL INTEGRATION in line with RIMUP, Ministry of Education.
* To forge friendlier ties with other schools
* To foster a closer bond with the community at large

Details of the tournament are as follow:

Venue: School Hall, MBSSKL

Date: 24 July 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 8.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m



Please call >> 0320782293

Result: 12th CAS-OCTAGON Second Quarter Allegro

This event began @ 9.40am with 51 people turned up for the event. As usual 20% of the pre-registered names did not turn up due to various reasons. One of the reasons definitely due to England vs. USA match that ended after 4am. It was unfortunate that England only drew 1-1 against USA. I too watched the first half of the match but got to force myself to switch it off else maybe it's me who can't make it to the event as Chief Arbiter.

This event was participated by 3 players who came all the way from Singapore, one Singaporean (seeded 13th), one Vietnamese (unseeded), and one "Mat Salleh" from Eastern European country (seeded 3rd). After 8 hrs of incident-free arbitering, GM Ziaur Rahman with Nat. Rating 2467 whipped the entire field with a perfect score. In addition, nine out of top 10 pre-seeded players based on National Rating eventually finish the event in Top 10 bracket. Also, a total of 17 pre-seeded players came out in top 20 representing 85% seeding accuracy.

The next best result at 5.5 points was shared by 3 players namely "Allegro veterans" Cheok Fung and Fariz, alongside with giant-killer Sheng Yip (seeded 33rd) who earlier in the day had trounced Zaidan and Ismail Ahmad before settling for a draw in a hard-fought last round encounter against Fariz.

Next, Ian Udani (Allegro King for the past 2 years in the absent of local boy FM Nicholas) with 5 points came in at 5th place alongside with 4 other players after losing his last round to GM Ziaur. His reign supreme in local Allegros are likely to come to an end if GM Ziaur continues to join the local Allegros.

Fadli aka SM made it into the top 10 by collecting 4.5 points. The best CAS member title went to 16 y.o. Poon Jit Wai who produced a shocking win against Abdullah Che Hassan in Round 2. Andrew Soong claimed the Best U-15 title, while Shum Rui Yuan got the U-12 title. The Best CAS Veteran title went to fireyrook blogger, Shamsuddin Sabri. Lastly, the Best Girl title won by Hisyamiza Ismail.

Below is the full result based on tie-break (after incorporating provisional Nat. Rating to unseeded players) and its crosstable:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

CAS Allegro 2010 Updates: Pre-registered Names

Source: CAS website

The final list of the pre-registered names as follow:

1 Andrew Ooi Boon Seng 1514
2 Andrew Soong Loc Yang (U15) 1460
3 Andrew Yap 1390
4 Ashman Raziuddin
5 Bausch Koh Sian Kuan (U12) 1233
6 Chan Sheng Yip 1362
7 Che Muhd Hafiz Che Ismail 1527
8 Cheah Cheok Fung 1832
9 Chek Kin Keuw 1543
10 Chong Kwai Kun 1536
11 Chong Yan Meng (U15) 1516
12 Crivoi Alexandru 2127
13 Derek Poon Guo Liong (U15) 1454
14 Dominic Lee Kuang Wei (U15) 1222
15 Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari (U12) 1359
16 Fariz Shafruddin 1902
17 Gabriel Soong Mun Hey (U15) 1408
18 Hasidin Abdul Rashid 1459
19 Hisyamiza Ismail (U12) 1200
20 Ian Udani 2130
21 Iskandar Danial Adam (U15) 1179
22 Ismail Ahmad 1884
23 Izuddin Ahayat 1545
24 Keegan Lim Ming Ze (U15) 1123
25 Kiernan Lim Ming Jun (U15) 1177
26 Kong Dak Nam (U12) 1207
27 Kughan Ravindran 1191
28 Lee Zhi Wei (U12) 1276
29 Lee Zhi Yan (U12) 1175
30 Lim Chong 1437
31 Lim Ming Kang (U12) 1426
32 Lokman Hakim Abdullah 1455
33 Lum Zhun Hoong 1393
34 Mohan Raj Balasupramaniam 1492
35 Mohd Fadli Zakaria 1784
36 Mohd Irwan Syah 1347
37 Mohd Zullghafari Saparmin 1433
38 Mok Khye Zen (U12) 1079
39 Mok Shu Zing (U12G) 1318
40 Muhd Asyraaf Said Muhd Khalil
41 Ng Jen Sheng (U12) 1426
42 Nguyen, Tien Thanh
43 Peter Wirija 1603
44 Poon Jit Wai 1530
45 Rahman, Ziaur 2467
46 Shamsuddin Sabri 1397
47 Shum Rui Yuan (U12) 1360
48 Sim Chung Seng 1366
49 Suhaimi Mustafa Albakri 1661
50 Syazrin Abd Rahman 1512
51 Tan Ken Wei 1782
52 Tang Wei Chiat 1581
53 Tasmin, Sultana
54 Teh Wee Zhun 1455
55 Tharoun Sharma Ravindran (U15) 1242
56 Victoar Imanueol Simon 1411
57 Wan Mohd Fazli Wan Nawawi 1652
58 Wan Tarmizi Wan Sulaiman 1588
59 William Choo 1505
60 Zaidan Zulkipli 1776
61 Ziaur, Thaksin

Please report yourself to the tournament venue by 9AM. CAS hopes to see all the names listed above will turn up for the event and enjoy the tournament ........

Friday, June 11, 2010

Selangor Has Retained The MSSM Overall Chess Champion Title

A very anti-climax situation has arised after taking into account the points awarded to all the state teams for other results outside the medal standing. Selangor is said to have amazed more than 100+ points to be crowned as Overall Chess Champion for MSSM 2010.

While, Penang not only unable to finish the event as Champion although winning 4 gold medals (more than Selangor, for details please refer to my earlier post). They are pipped by Wilayah Persekutuan and had to settle for 3rd placing with 80+ points. Where as, Wilayah Persekutuan accumulated 96 points for a 2nd place finishing.

What happens to Penang in the last Round? From the cross-table, Penang lost some last round points from the Girl's Individual category. As we all know, 1 point lesser in the final standing will affect between 4 to 7 places in any tournament with 28 players. Nevertheless, I believe Penang players will be more determine than ever to win the Overall Chess Champion Title in future MSSM.

Lastly, Well done, Selangor !!!. A post mortem SWOT analysis should be done by both contingents from Klang Valley after this event if the Klang Valley Giants would like to finish 1-2 again in future editions.

MSSM 2010 Medal Tally

The MSSM Chess Championship 2010 has concluded with Penang and Selangor have won the lion shares of 7 golds, 8 silvers and 3 bronzes from 12 categories. If you add up all the medals both states actually had won half the medals contested. Penang has won 1 more gold than Selangor, but the latter won 4 more silver than the former.

The medal tally is summarized below:

If the calculation is based purely on the medal tally listed above, just like the Olympic system, it is very clear that Penang is the Overall Champion. However, the actual results that are used to calculate the Overall Champion is not based solely on the Gold - Silver - Bronze medal standing only. Instead, it uses a system similar to MotoGP or Formula1 where a 10th placing or 16 placing will be awarded with points.

After factor in other results into the actual medal standing, Selangor may still end up pipping Penang to the Overall Championship title.

Will post the final result on the Overall Champion when I receive more updates from Perlis.

MSSM 2010 Overall Chess Champion - Penang !?

With one round remaining, all 14 teams are motivated to give a final push to their respective players for a good last round performance. After a hard-fought 6 rounds battle, Penang has emerged as the frontrunner and likely to sweep this year overall MSSM title for the first time since Chess was introduced back to MSSM calendar in 2004 at Labuan.

Penang will also become the first state to break Klang Valley dominance since 2004 if they continue their good performance in today last round. Why Penang can show such dominance until they are in a driver seat position for the last phase of the race in this year edition, let me starts the ball rolling........

1. They are very discipline.

2. They are very united.

3. They are very humble in chess learning.

4. They didn't let their ego get into their heads.

5. They have a systematic way of centralised training.

6. They are fighters.

7. They are hardworking.

8. They are determined.

9. They have great admin people to implement the right things.

10. The key to all - They organised this year NAG (March 2010) where most top players around the country took part ...... scoresheets analyzed !!
and the list can goes on but I will stop here.

When the Klang Valley contingents return back from this competition, they must do a thorough SWOT analysis on two aspects i.e. (i) the pre-MSSM preparation; (ii) the things that happened during MSSM.

Will Penang falters on their own at the last hurdler or Selangor to produce a superb result to overturn the deficit against Penang with a razor-thin margin to retain the Crown? We will know the answer in the next 12 hrs.

My bet is Penang is not going to falter. Hence, Selangor needs a miraculous effort from 36 players (like winning at least 33 pts from 36 games) to retain the title.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

12th CAS-OCTAGON Second Quarter: Pre-registered Names

Source : CAS website

The pre-registration process has received 34 names so far with 4 days to go before the event date. A very slow start leading to the event that offers up to 25 prizes and it's a nationally rated event for the period April to June 2010.

The list as follow:
1. Sim Chung Seng
2. Mohd Irwan Syah
3. Andrew Yap
5. Kughan Ravindran
6. Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari
7. Wan Tarmizi Wan Sulaiman
8. syazrin abd rahman
9. Hasidin Abdul Rashid
10. Ashman Raziuddin
11. Iskandar Danial Adam
12. Wan Mohd Fazli Wan Nawawi
14. Peter Wirija
15. Lum Zhun Hoong
16. Shum Rui Yuan (U12)
17. Shamsuddin Sabri
18. Mohan Raj
19. Crivoi Alexandru
20. Ismail ahmad
22. Hisyamiza Ismail (U12)
23. Bausch Koh Sian Kuan (U12) pd50
24. Teh Wee Zhun
25. Dominic Lee (U15)
26. Lee zhi Yan (U12)
27. Lee Zhi Wei (U12)
28. Izuddin Ahayat
29. William Choo
30. GM Ziaur Rahman
31. Sultana Tashmin
32. Taksin Ziaur
33. Poon Jit Wai _pd20
34. Tan Ken Wei

For those who wish to take part in this event, please send your name to by 11th June (FRIDAY). Thank you.