Friday, May 28, 2010

12th CAS - OCTAGON Second Quarter Allegro on 13th June 2010 (Sunday)

This is a Nationally-rated event. This is an event specially created for you if you are interested in obtaining your first national rating (not many events are nationally-rated in a year) or see how much you have improved in playing strength since the last rating released in April 2010.

You may pre-register yourself for this event by sending an email (your name and hp number) to

Sunday, May 23, 2010

CAS Closed 2010: Final Ranking

FM Nicholas Chan won his last round against IM Jimmy Liew to bag a perfect 6 points out of 6 games. Kamaluddin defeated NM Kamalariffin to finish a clear 2nd behind Nicholas. Muhd Nabil, NM Yeoh Chin Seng and Mark Siew finished the event with 4.5 points. Nabil defeated Chin Seng's son, Li Tian. In turn, Chin Seng demolished off the strong challenge of Nabil's sister, WCM Nur Nabila. While, Mark won against Nabil's another sister, WFM Nur Najiha. Although with the defeat, both sisters finished 1-2 in the Female category.

Other categories winners were Mohd Faizal in U12 and IM Jimmy in Veteran. Also, CAS newly elected exco members who took part in the event were prize winners too. Mat Zaki (Veteran - 2nd), Lim Chong (Veteran - 3rd), and Haslindah (Female - 3rd).

CAS Closed 2010: Round 5 Pairing

Rd 4 saw several interesting results been produced. IM Jimmy Liew lost to WCM Nur Nabila on Table 2, newly elected Vice-president of CAS NM Yeoh Chin Seng drew with WFM Nur Najiha on Table 3. A good performance for Azman's children.

MSSWP Chief Trainer Shamsuddin defeated NJM Muhd Tariq on Table 7. Yeoh Li Tian was outplayed by Jimmy in Rd3.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

MSSWP Chess Under-18 Boys Round 7 Action

At press time, Izz drew with Jin Huey on Table 1, Samuel drew with Guo Jie on Table 2, Anantha won on Table 3, Ashwin won on Table 4, Jien Min won on Table 5.

From the results, Izz, Samuel, Guo Jie, Jin Huey, and Ashwin seems to have qualify themselves to represent KL. The last ticket will directly goes to Anantha if he is a Malaysian.

MSSWP Chess Under-18 Girls Round 7 Action

At press time, Kai Wen is having a winning position on Table 1, Eunice is having a better position but Lee Yin can still draw the game on Table 2, Yun Hui won on Table 3, Latifah won on Table 4, Germaine won on Table 5, Izzati won on Table 6. Sook Yee won on Table 7.

From the results, Kai Wen, Yun Hui, and Latifah seem to have qualify themselves to represent KL. While the remaining 3 tickets are likely to be shared among MSSM players Olivia, Eunice and Lee Yin. Three other players have outside chance to make the cut unless their tie-break are better than the 3 MSSM players.

Updated information
Lee Yin turned the table on Eunice to finish 2nd place behind Kai Wen, while Yun Hui , Latifah, and Olivia finishes at 3rd, 4th, and 5th position respectively. So top 5 finishers are "more or less" should be inside the KL team. The big question "Will MSSM player Eunice Yee join the list?" remains unanswered.

MSSWP Chess Under-15 Boys Round 7 Action

At press time, Table 1 is still ongoing with Eng Chiam having a 1 pawn advantage with pawns on both sides of the game. the position is equal between Jun Feng and Derek but the latter is in severe time trouble on Table 2, Wei Hao drew Albert on Table 3, Shawn won on Table 4, Jing Chung drew with Jing Hong on Table 5, Alexander won on Table 6, and drew results for Table 7 and 8.

From the results, Eng Chiam and Jun Feng are the only two seems to have qualify themselves to represent KL. Shawn has unexpectedly consolidated himself to top 5 with his win over MSSM rep. Chin Shen. While, at least two or may be three MSSM players finished the event with 5 points only. Also, Derek just like Shawn could finished with 5.5 points if he has more time to his side in the last round.

Updated information
Eng Chiam and Jun Feng won their respective encounter to finish as Champion and First runner-up. Shawn at 5.5 points is 3rd followed by a group of 5 pointers led by Jianwen, Albert, Derek, Alexander, and Wei Hao. This is the toughest group to decide the other 4 players to enter the KL team. From hearsay, scorebook of these players were taken for analysis before a final decision to be made by MSSWP committee.

The big question - At the end of the selection process, will MBS has 4 representatives in this category which is a feat that I believe no other school in Msia has ever achieved? Read my comment on MBS last year if you want to know more about the school.

MSSWP Chess Under-15 Girls Round 7 Action

At press time, the full result was released where Pavitra is declared as champion on tie break over Ern Yee. Both players won their respective encounter in the last round to obtain 6.5 points. Eight other players finished the event with 5 points. On tie-break, Hui San, Veronica, Natasha, and Joyce finished the event in top 6.

MSSWP Chess Under-12 Boys Round 7 Action

At press time, Table 1 is still ongoing with an equal position. Jen Sheng won on Table 2, Harleiff won on Table 3, Hong Ben is leading 1 pawn on Table 4, Jong Yi is having an advantage on Table 5, and Max Wong won on Table 6.

From the consistent results in this event, Harleiff, Jen Sheng, Faizal and Yong Zhao seem to have qualify themselves to represent KL for MSSM. The next ticket should goes to Hong Ben if he can win his encounter. The last ticket is a tricky one between giant killer Viknesh (won Hong Ben and Rui Yuan), Max Wong, and winner of Table 5. All three of them have 5.5 points.

Updated information
Roslan won Yong Zhao on time, Hong Ben won his game, and Dawson bounced back to an almost equal position where Jong Yi lost on time. Another surprise took place where Jen Sheng was not awarded a direct entry into KL team but has to take part in blitz play-off where it involves 6 players. Meanwhile, his spot was taken over by Hong Ben. The top two players from the play-off qualifies. In the play-off, 3 players i.e. Jen Sheng, Dawson and Dilwen finish with an identical 3 points. The result of the two qualifiers yet to be announced at press time.

MSSWP Chess Under-12 Girls Round 7 Action

At press time, Li Ting is winning on Table 1, Nurul Aina won on Table 2, drawish position between Camilia and Alakarthika on Table 3, Satyashree won on Table 4, Wei Ting won on Table 5, Yee Ler is winning on Table 6.

From the results, Li Ting, Nurul Aina, Camilia, and Wei Ting seem to have qualify themselves to represent KL. The next ticket should goes to Yee Ler if she wins. The last ticket is also a tricky one between Zi Qi (5.5 points), Shu Zing (5), or local GII students. Satyashree with 6 points will qualify on the ticket if she is a Malaysian (can't get verification at press time), while Alakarthika can't represent regardless of her result since she's not Malaysian.

Updated information
Li Ting won her game, Alakarthika created an upset to defeat Camilia, while Yee Ler wins her game.

A blitz play-off among Zi Qi, Yee Ler and Wei Ting took place where best two results qualified. Zi Qi won both games, while Yee Ler won Wei Ting. What's suprising was that Shu Zing (5 pts) has gained a direct entry into KL team although finish a distant 15th placing as compare to all play-off participants with 5.5 points. Camilia who finishes at 10th placing with 5 points too has gained a direct entry into KL team alongside with Li Ting and Nurul Aina. Sources said that Zi Qi may not play for KL in chess because it clashes with badminton but no confirmation is available. Hence, the fate of Wei Ting in KL team still remain unknown.

FIDE President Kirsan UFO Claim Sparks Investigation Demands

I came across an interesting article with regards to our FIDE president, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, published at Unexplainable website.

Happy reading!!!!

When Kirsan Ilyumzhinov claimed that he had been in contact with alien beings that visited him and brought him aboard their vessel, several Russian politicians and military officials that this nature of incident, should it be true and repeated, could pose a threat to the country's national security. It's unknown exactly what transpired during the time Kirsan claims he was on-board an alien vessel, but the incident has raised a serious question that at least one Russian MP is proposing an investigation be carried out.

Andre Lebedev has raised a question beyond whether or not Kirsan has lost his ability to govern, but is tackling the root of the matter: If he went aboard an alien vessel alone, is it possible that something else could have happened while he was away? The possibility of alien mind control, though almost comical, is something that the MP is taking very seriously. In addition, is it possible Kirsan could have revealed state secrets? Or what if he had given some vital information about the existence or location of nuclear facilities? Lebedev has drafted and sent a letter to President Dmitry Medvedev saying if the story is true, and Kirsan is serious about this, then it is a historic event that should have been reported to intelligence officials in the Kremlin. Furthermore, Lebedev inquired as to whether there was an official policy on high ranking officials making contact with alien entities. If there is not, then this latest development almost demands that there should be.

Medvedev also demands there be an investigation into the incident, saying it is too serious a claim by too high up an official to simply laugh off. Even if it is not true, he says this incident must be investigated and some very serious decisions made about it. Whether it's likely or not, placing protocols in place for just this sort of unknown scenario is exactl the sort of thing that ensures a nation doesn't get caught unaware if something of this nature should ever happen. And it's almost certain that if there is some sort of government cover-up regarding the presence of alien visitors, then it only stands to reason that this information should get to those in charge in the event of an unlikely abduction by such alien interlopers.

Of course there are also those who suggest that any such claim by Kirsan is the result of a long history of eccentric behavior. The self made millionaire and politician's credibility has been called into question using his obsession with intellectual pursuits such as chess as evidence against him. It's strange to think a life of ambition and good deeds can suddenly become undone by one claim using those very good deeds against you. And what of the other three witnesses that claim to have seen Kirsan board the vessel? Is this further evidence of alien contact? In an investigation of any other nature, this would be certainly admissible. What really happened to Kirsan? Perhaps this investigation and inquiry will tell us.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MSSWP Chess 2010 - Penultimo Round

The situation at both locations of MSSWP Chess 2010 are getting warmer and exciting. Players are scrambling and try to outwit one another for a better placing before the last round to be played tomorrow.

The penultimo round started about an hour ago. This round is regarded as "do or die" round for those who are slated against one another from table 6 to table 10. A win in this round will see them into top 10 if they can win the last round tomorrow. While, those who are in top 5 tables basically are battling for supremacy to finish top 3 in their respective category.

After 3 hours of hard fought battles, here is some synopsis.

Some top board results for U-18 Girls: Tournament leader, Kai Wen, drew her game quickly with team-mate Lee Yin to lead the field by half point into the final round. National U-16 champion Latifah Kaiyisah had suffered an unexpected lost to Yun Hui which means the former no longer can win this category. Who is giant-killer Yun Hui? A quick check around, she drew with Kai Wen during the zone level event. This category has 4 players trailing Kai Wen by half point. If Kai Wen cannot win against her opponent tomorrow, then we will see 2 or 3 players tie with 6 pts.

Some top board results for U-18 Boys: Tournament leader, Izz Saifuddin, continue to lead his category with others trailing behind him. Among them are two MBS boys won their encounter respectively and one of them has been paired against Izz tomorrow.

Some top board results for U-15 Boys: One of the tournament leaders,Eng Chiam of MBS, has moved to the driver seat with a win over Jing Chung who created an upset by defeating MSSM rep. Chin Shen in earlier round. His wins coupled with a drew result among the other joint leaders has left him leading the field with half-point advantage. He is pitted against Jianwen in the last round. The other results were Derek defeated his teammate Alexander Hoon who had earlier slayed off Ri Hong (the boy who drew with Jianwen in Rd 3) in the morning and Wei Hao won against his teammate Andrew Soong. Also, Albert drew his game against Shawn to setup a mouth watering clash with fellow teammate Wei Hao. Both players are 1 point behind the leader. While, Chin Shen bounced back with a win against Wan Lin who drew with Wei Hao in Rd 3 to be placed 1.5 points behind the leader. MBS may see 4 players qualify from this Final to represent KL.

Some top board results for U-12 Boys: Faizal Roslan came out winner in top of the board clash against giant killer Harleiff to lead the field over 2 other contenders by half point. Yong Zhao defeated Aravind to setup a mouth watering clash (not confirm at press time) against Faizal. Another giant-killer Viknesh has consolidated his position to be placed joint 2nd after another run of his killing act by demolishing former National player Hong Ben. In the morning round, he sawed off Rui Yuan convincingly in the 2nd longest game recorded in U-12 category. For the record, the longest game was between Harleiff and MSSM hopeful Darrel Yap where the former slayed him off and the latter could not recover back since that game.

Another MSSM hopeful, Hong Ben, must be cursing himself on his lack of endgame knowledge and common principles that had costed him to drop 1.5 points from today 2 games. To some people, Hong Ben is the third natural choice among six KL representatives for this year MSSM after Faizal and Yong Zhao. But then, an unexpected action triller awaits him in penultimo match against little known Viknesh. Who is Viknesh? I may review more on him after the final result tomorrow. All I can say another star in making who undergone total transformation in the last 30 days, a similar fenomena experience by GM hopeful Yeoh Li Tian.

MSSWP Chess Under-18 Boys Round 6 Action

MSSWP Chess Under-18 Girls Round 6 Action

MSSWP Chess Under-15 Boys Round 6 Action

MSSWP Chess Under-15 Girls Round 6 Action

MSSWP Chess Under-12 Boys Round 6 Action

MSSWP Chess Under-12 Girls Round 6 Action

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MSSWP Chess Under-18 Boys Round 4 Action

MSSWP Chess Under-18 Girls Round 4 Action

MSSWP Chess Under-12 Boys Round 4 Action

MSSWP Chess Under-12 Girls Round 4 Action

Simple statistics on MSSWP Chess 2010

Based on the strongest six finalists for each of the (6 main + 2 supplement) categories, 17 players come from Bangsar zone, followed by 13 players from Sentul zone, then 11 players from Keramat zone, and remaining 7 players from Pudu zone.

The pre-tournament favourites for the (6 main + 2 supplement) categories from Keramat (3 + 1 players), Sentul (1 + 1 players), Pudu (1 player), and Bangsar (1 player).

On paper, Bangsar zone seen to be more superior than other zones (at least among the top players), while Keramat zone has the most creme de la creme players.

Monday, May 10, 2010

MSS Wilayah Persekutuan (MSSWP) Chess 2010 In Action

The MSSWP Final will begin from today till 13th May. It will be the first time the final will be using the same time control as MSSM i.e. 90 minutes per player.

The 4 days INDIVIDUAL Event will see around 400 players pitting against one another in (6 main + 2 supplement) categories where 6 players from each main category will be chosen to represent Wilayah Persekutuan in MSSM Perlis June 2010.

MSS Wilayah Persekutuan, or known as MSS Kuala Lumpur in past years has 2 supplement categories for students U-10 y.o. to gauge the chess development in schools and identify talents at the very young age. Unlike previous years, both U-10 and U-12 were played seperately where as this year the U-10 qualifiers have been together with U-12 qualifiers to play under U-12 category.

The favourites (at least on paper [National Rating] but listing is not ranked according to strength) for U10 Boys are Tan Yong Zhao (STUL), Hemant Sathish (BSAR), Yokeesh Srinivasan (BSAR), Ng Jen Sheng (KMAT), Lim Ming Kang (KMAT), and Max Wong Zi Quan (KMAT).

The favourites for U12 Boys are Mohd Faizal Roslan (PUDU), Dawson Tan Soon Wei (KMAT), Dilwen Ding Tze How (KMAT), Darrel Yap Egin (BSAR), Low Hong Ben (BSAR), and Shum Rui Yuan (BSAR).

The favourites for U15 Boys are Yeap Eng Chiam (BSAR), Albert Ang Keliang (BSAR), Tan Wei Hao (BSAR), Tan Jun Feng (PUDU), Wong Jianwen (STUL), and Lim Chin Shen (STUL).

The favourites for U18 Boys are Muhd Izz Saifuddin (KMAT), Yat Guo Jie (BSAR), Ashwin Subbiah Shankar (BSAR), Gokul Sajeev (BSAR), Yap Seng Fei (STUL), and Chai Chin Wu (STUL).

The favourites for U10 Girls are Mindy Tan Wei Ting (KMAT), Low Wen Jun (KMAT), Lee Weng Yi (PUDU), Mok Shu Zing (STUL), Melanie Koo Wei Wei (BSAR), and Hew Ven Yi (BSAR).

The favourites for U12 Girls are Wendy Tan Li Ting (KMAT), Nurul Aina Akmar Rohizan (KMAT), Misha Nanthakumar (BSAR), Alakarthika Ulaganathan (BSAR), Puah Ee Liz (BSAR) and Camilia Johari (PUDU).

The favourites for U15 Girls are Pavitranayagi Jayamurthey (STUL), Veronica Shalini Charles (STUL), Yap Ern Yee (STUL), Joyce Tan Sue Lee (STUL), Qistina Johari (PUDU), and Natasha Kavina Sundra Rajoo (BSAR).

The favourites for U18 Girls are Latifah Kaiyisah Mohd Latib (KMAT), Olivia Madhavan (PUDU), Germaine Lelia Gomes (PUDU), Eunice Yee Tze Yu (STUL), Teh Kai Wen (STUL), and Ng Yun Hui (STUL).

The favourites list above are based on the official entry into the final published in MSSWP website. Also, there may be some "star" players who did not play in the qualifying event (zone level) due to unforseen circumstances but are given direct entry into this Final event. Those names are omitted in this article.