Wednesday, July 31, 2013

19th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Tournament on 20th Oct 2013

On behalf of SJK(C) Kepong 2, I'm pleased to announce that this year Kepong Juniors Open will be held on 20th October 2013 at the school premise. This is a National-rated Event.

Click here to download the entry form.

The Infosheet:-

The Rules and Regulations:

The Entry Form:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CAS Third Quarter Allegro on 8/9/2013 [A National-rated Event]

Source: CAS website

CAS would like to inform that the third installment of the Allegro series will be held on 8th Sept @ DAT Chess Connections, 4th floor, Wilayah Complex, KL.

This is a NATIONAL-RATED Event. The event will be divided into two categories namely Category 1 for players with National Rating 1400 and above, while Category 2 for players below National Rating 1400. Due to space constrain with the new setup in the playing hall, we can only accept the first 120 entries in total.

How is this year edition going to be different from previous years?

1. CAS has decided to raise the prize fund to RM 3,000/= [Take note: Before 2013, the prize fund for this event was around RM 1,800 for two categories combined].

2. CAS has decided to offer equal prize fund for both categories. Over the years, CAS receives strong support from players in Category 2, so we felt that it is time that we should be rewarding players in this group.

3. CAS is introducing special prizes for Selangor Players.

4. CAS offers more cash prize for lower positions to encourage more participation.
5. CAS create more category prizes to encourage participation from all walks of life.

6. The event is going to be played over 7 rounds while maintaining the incremental time mode of 10 seconds per move.

We hope that with the improvise structure, we will continue to get strong support platform from the chess community to drive our events to new heights.

The infosheet:

Click here to get a softcopy of the entry form.

For those who are interested to sign-up for the championship, please send an email to to reserve your seat. Pre-registration closing date is 4th September 2013.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

National Chess Rating List (July 2013 Release)

Once again, with here I present the July 2013 rating list for events usage for the month of July to September. As for the last quarter, a total of 18 events were nationally-rated with 1,193 players had their ratings changed.

Click here to see the rating changes of 1,193 players.

Click here to see the 20 most improved players in the last quarter.

Click here to get access to the whole list of 15,578 chess players which comprise of 14,500 Malaysians and the rest are foreigners who had played in our country.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

8th MBSSKL Open Chess Tournament: Update#5 [Special Education]

This year saw 9 participants turn-up where 8 of them are MBSSKL students from D&D group. The only outsider is unrated Ahmad Nazmi Md Nazim with learning disability. Despite his handicap, he is very determine in every game he played and put many ordinary others to a shame. He won 5 games and a draw to be crowned as the Champion. I would have voted him as the Deserving Champion for today event if I were to choose just 1 person among the Champions.

Click here for the full results.

8th MBSSKL Open Chess Tournament: Update#4 [Under-23 Boys & Girls]

In the Girls category, the strength of the players in this edition is lower than past editions with the tournament top ranked player having a National Rating around 1300-level. The star player of event is definitely belongs to unrated Nur Amira Muhd Yusri who chalked up 5 wins in-a-row including against tournament 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th ranked players. She won the event before lifting a finger in the final round. For some unknown reason, she lost her last round encounter to 12th ranked Nio Chai Sin.  Yow Chooi Yee and Cheng Sheun Fang had to settle for Silver and Bronze respectively.

Click here for the full results.

As for the Boys Category, top seed 13 y.o. Tan Yong Zhao who had finished as bridesmaid to MBSSKL Albert Ang would like stage a challenge again for the Championship. Again, he had failed when he lost to eventual Champion, Kung Kah Heng, in Round 3 followed by another lost to Albert in Round 5 and had to settle for Bronze position. As for Albert, his championship campaign looks over with a Round 4 defeat at the hand of Kung Heng but little did he know (maybe he knew - just that he didn't want to take risk in his own game) he will be declared as Champion if he had won his last round encounter against fellow teammate Derek Poon due to superior 1st tie-break count over Kah Heng where the lattle had settle for 2 draws in the last 2 rounds. All tie-breaks that are used were mentioned before Round 1 begins (No P/E use in this event) and up-to-date after Round 5 tie-break was published before the last round begins. A point to ponder - What makes Albert ends up with a tactical blunder on statistic calculation rather than actual chess position itself that cost MBSSKL at least a Championship title.

Click here for the full results.

8th MBSSKL Open Chess Tournament: Update#3 [Under-17 Boys & Girls]

In the Girls Category, 3rd ranked Joyce Tan pull-out from the event at 11th hour which had paved way for the Championship to turn into a direct fight between Pavitranayagi and Rosamund Koo. Both players had to split point in their Round 3 encounter and leave the Championship to the fate of their respective 6 opponents performance. At the end of Round 5, both of them tied in 1st tie-break count but the latter had an upper hand in 2nd tie-break count. However, the fate changes after completing the final round where Pavitranayagi had pipped Rosamund by 1 point in 1st tie-break count to be declared as the Champion in this Category. While, unrated Low Pei Zhen had grabbed the Bronze medal with a better tie-break count over MSSM KL player Siti Nadia Qarmila. Coincidentally, the former had created a shock result in Round 1 by disposing-off the latter.

Click here for the full results.

As for the Boys category, it is almost certain that the title will goes to one of the MBSSKL Boys when both their top players were seeded 1st and 3rd which means they are not going to meet each other before clearing the 4th and 2nd ranked player respectively in potential Round 4 encounter. But alas, both 2nd and 4th ranked player drew their games with respective opponents in round 3. With this result, both MBSSKL students were forced to meet each other in Round 4 with Shreyes winning the encounter. Now, Shreyes had to play 2nd ranked Mohd Faizal who is trailing him by half point. The pressure is overwhelming for the former to deliver the point and unfortunately he succumbed. In the last round, Wei Hao had to carry the school name and need to upset the formbook again just like how he did it last week at Summit USJ but Faizal is not going to let it happen for the 2nd time in as many weeks. So, Faizal is declared as Champion, followed by Shreyes and Cheong Jie Yao who drew with Faizal in Round 3 but lost Wei Hao in Round 5. Wei Hao with the 2 defeats had to settle for 4th position only.

Click here for the full results.

8th MBSSKL Open Chess Tournament: Update#2 [Under-14 Boys & Girls]

For the Girls Category, Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan who had played in several higher level tournament namely National Closed, then play-off games for Malaysian Masters Qualification spot and followed by Malaysian Masters itself had no problem dispose-off her first 5 rounds opponents easily before settling for a draw in the final round against 3rd ranked Cheong Keat Zhen. The latter won the Bronze medal. While, Melanie had to settle for the Silver when she lost to Nithyalakshmi in Round 2 before bouncing back to defeat Keat Zhen in Round 3.

Click here for the full results.

In the Boys category, Lye Lik Zang just prove he is too strong for the field by winning all his 6 games despite he is only 9 y.o. A group of 5 players who had suffered 1 defeat each have to settle for 2nd to 6th placing. Both Emir and Sean Ooi had the advantage in tie-break count due to their encounter with Lik Zang for a Silver and Bronze medal position respectively. MBSSKL student, Darrel saw his championship campaign was ruined with a defeat to his team mate Tan Keigen in Round 3. Despite winning all his subsequent rounds, he can only settle at 4th placing. While, Keigen had a double KO at the hand of Cheah Eason and Sean Ooi in the last 2 rounds. Meanwhile, Gohshalan and Eason with the lost against Emir and Lik Zang respectively were placed at 5th and 6th.

Click here for the full results.

8th MBSSKL Open Chess Tournament: Update#1

This event had saw a combined turn-out of 163 players for the seven categories organised. As usual, Under-14 Boys had attracted a total of 67 players where majority of them are children below aged 12 y.o.

The pre-tournament favorite is none other than 9 y.o. Lye Lik Zang with NR 1708 (July 2013 release). This ranked him @ a spectacular 32nd position among 6700 children below aged 20 y.o. with National Rating.  There are 3 other players within 110 rating points range that can poised a treat to stop him from being the youngest player to win U-14 title. The hosting school is hoping Darrel Yap, the defending champion but is seeded 2nd for this edition, can bring honour for the school.

As for the U-17 Boys, the school is relying on top seed Shreyes Subramaniam (NR 1811 - Ranked 20th in Msia among children 20 y.o. and below) and third seed Tan Wei Hao who had just won 2nd The Summit Juniors U-16 title on last Sunday so that they are able to continue in keeping-up with the tradition that this title remains at MBSSKL.

While in the U-23 Boys, the hosting school can rely on Defending Champion to deliver the title just like last year.

All-in-all, the hosting school can bet on at least two titles.

In the U-14 Girls, the hot favourite to win this category is Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan with NR 1700. She had 229 points advantage over her nearest rival, Melanie Koo Wei Wei. It should be loop-sided affair.

In the U-17 Girls, the two favourites to win are Pavitranayagi Jayamurthey (NR 1666) and Rosamund Koo Wei Xin who are just separated by 84 rating points.

As for the U-23 Girls, there isn't any clear favourite as the players are either unrated or have a low ratings. Just like the U-23 Girls, there is also no favourite among the 9 contestants in the Special Education Category.

Friday, July 5, 2013

8th MBSSKL Open Chess Tournament on 6th July

MBSSKL is organizing the Open Chess Tournament for 8 consecutive years. As at point of writing, 165 players are going to take part in this year edition which offers 7 categories namely U14 Boys and Girls, U17 Boys and Girls, U23 Boys and Girls, and Special Education Category. TAKE NOTE: ALL PLAYERS MUST REPORT TO THE SCHOOL REGISTRATION COUNTER BY 8.30AM tomorrow, else your name shall be removed from Round 1 pairing.

This weekend offers plenty of opportunities for chess players around the country  to take part in National-rated chess events. MBSSKL (Kuala Lumpur) and KUSESS (Selangor) where 600 players (in combined) will compete using the July 2013 Rating List (Official release date: 15th July 2013) that was given to the relevant organisers for their usage. Come Sunday, there are 3 National-rated events i.e. New World Park event in Penang, First Sunday event by Johor Chess Association and Quarter Allegro by Chess Association of Selangor. These 3 events are expected to attract another 400 players.

Let's come back to MBSSKL Open, once again I have been appointed by the school as Chief Arbiter for the event. I will be assisted by Mr. Yeap Joo Hock, Mr. Seto Kwai Mun and a group of 30 students workforce.

The players listing as follows:-

No Under-14 Boys
1 Aaron Melvin Johnson
2 Ahmad Ammru Mohd Azizi
3 Ang Tsu Jien
4 Benjamin Leong Tjen Ho
5 Brandon Tien Sreenivaban
6 Charles Gerald Edward
7 Cheah Eason
8 Darrel Yap Egin
9 Darshebvintharan
10 Deabernishwaran Sharma Ravindran
11 Dhivarkar Thiren
12 Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazri
13 Ernesto Chong Wei Loong
14 Evander Yeo
15 Ghuhan Naidu Shanmugam Naidu
16 Gohshalan Naidu Shanmugam Naidu
17 Jaron Tan Xe Yung
18 Joel Prassanth Abraham
19 Joel Su Weng Yang
20 Kingsley Cheah Tien Chee
21 Kingsley Low Yean Wee
22 Kong Dak Nam
23 Kyne Francis
24 Lau Khai Soong
25 Leong Ca Tjun
26 Lim Jun Shen
27 Lim Kai Xian
28 Lim Qi Yang
29 Lim Yern Fay
30 Lim Yern Sern
31 Low Chee Pang
32 Lucas Ren Sreenivaban
33 Lye Lik Zang
34 Marcus Leong Kok Fung
35 Michael Gabriel Smith
36 Mohd Haikal Zamri
37 Mohd Sameer Shaik Mahaboob Saleem
38 Mohd Shahir Shaik Mahaboob Saleem
39 Muhd Adib Zainuddin
40 Muhd Aiman Mohd Rizal
41 Muhd Amirul Adi
42 Muhd Ashraf Daniel Mustapha
43 Muhd Faris Haikal Fairul Arfakin
44 Muhd Hafizam Jaafar
45 Muhd Kyas Zulkhairi
46 Muhd Najib Nazri
47 Naveen Vishal Nathan
48 Norfaidhi Mohd Zaman
49 Pavein Kumar
50 Praveen Mahindran
51 Rubeswaran Arikrishnan
52 Ryan Tey He Yang
53 Sean Ooi Zhi Jian
54 Shamalan Rajesvaran
55 Tan Keigen
56 Tan Yong Hau
57 Teng Jian Wei
58 Teo Wei Feng
59 Tharanidharan Rajadurai
60 Tushar Ignatius Uthaiyan
61 Vagesan Sinnatambi
62 Virgil Chung Siu Tung
63 Wong Chun Yung
64 Wong Qi Hao
65 Wong Zhi Yong
66 Youvenesh Sashikumar
67 Ngew Wai Kin 
68 Ngew Wai Kit 

No Under-17 Boys
1 Alexander Hoon Thien Qing
2 Chai Siew Hong
3 Cheong Jie Yao
4 Chong Kok Hong
5 Daneswaran Rajandran
6 Davendran Balasubramaniam
7 Dilwen Ding Tze How
8 Dinesh Siddharthan Manoharan
9 Harith Najmin Rahim
10 Hew Zhenjing
11 Jeremy Phuah Jia Meng
12 Lam Zhu Jun
13 Lee Jia Sen
14 Liew Teck Seng
15 Low Hong Ben
16 Mohd Al Rizhuan
17 Mohd Faizal Roslan
18 Muhd Farhan Jamdi
19 Nikk Johari Low
20 Rafie Hakim Mohd Hanif Lai
21 Rahman Anwar
22 Shreyes Subramaniam
23 Tan Ri Hong
24 Tan Wai Sheng
25 Tan Wei Hao
26 Teoh Ghee Yuen
27 Teoh Poh Jian
28 Yap Choon Kang
29 Yap Choon Meng

No Under-23 Boys
1 Albert Ang Keliang
2 Andrew Soong Loc Yang
3 Benjamin Koo Wei Jie
4 Chan Zhi Yi
5 Daniel Mok Zhuang Chun
6 Derek Poon Guo Liong
7 Han Chenyue
8 Kung Kah Heng
9 Kung Soon Heng
10 Lee Wei Chuen
11 Loh Wei Chean
12 Lye Jiun Yin
13 Tan Yong Zhao
14 Thong Ka Ming
15 Yee Kai Weng
16 Yong Kayne

No Under-14 Girls
1 Allaida Siow-G
2 Cheong Keat Zhen-G
3 Ellie Emira Syamimi Ahmad Nazari-G
4 Evelyn Tan Eng Thong-G
5 Ho Chen Ee-G
6 Lye Kit Wing-G
7 Melanie Koo Wei Wei-G
8 Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan-G
9 Noor Syahiera Nadia Zaini-G
10 Nurin Yasirah Zolkefli-G
11 Ong Zhiqian-G
12 Ong Zhiwei-G
13 Shameena Anwar-G
14 Stephanie Chuah Pik-Shen-G
15 Thenmolzhi Mahindran-G

No Under-17 Girls
1 Afrina Athirah Abdul Aziz-G
2 Amira Amelia Adnan-G
3 Cindy Low Sim Yee-G
4 Joyce Tan Sue Lee-G
5 Low Pei Zhen-G
6 Nur Maisarah Mazli-G
7 Pavitranayagi Jayamurthey-G
8 Rosamund Koo Wei Xin-G
9 Siti Nadia Qarmila Nazri-G
10 Ummi Syafirah Zakariya-G

No Under-23 Girls
1 Beh Shiuan Yih-G
2 Cheng Sheun Fang-G
3 Elizabeth Hoon Thien Li-G
4 Germaine Lelia Gomes-G
5 Joanne Wong-G
6 Lai Wye Kei-G
7 Lee Hui Yan-G
8 Lee Pei Fong-G
9 Loh Mun Teng-G
10 Nio Chai Sin-G
11 Nur Amira Muhd Yusri-G
12 Sabrina Chua Jia Wen-G
13 Tan Hong Yun-G
14 Tham Shiou Kuan-G
15 Wo Choy Yun-G
16 Wong Mei Jen-G
17 Wong Ying Shuang-G

No Special Education 
1 Abdullah Hakeem Mohd Aris
2 Ahmad Baihaqi Muhd Asmuie Mubin
3 Ahmad Nazmi Md Nizam
4 Dinesh Kumar Chandran
5 Mah Chun Kit
6 Marcus Leong Tjen Wye
7 Mior Syamel Mior Razi
8 Mohd Noor Helmy Ahmad Kamal
9 Muhd Anas Zukhairi
10 Muhd Daniel Mohd Jamili