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20th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Tournament on 9th Nov 2014

On behalf of SJK(C) Kepong 2, I'm pleased to announce that this year Kepong Juniors Open will be held on 9th November 2014 at the school premise. This is a National-rated Event.

Click here to download the entry form.

The Infosheet:-

The Rules and Regulations:

The Entry Form:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

3rd Summit Juniors Open: Final Result

This 1-day national-rated event was divided into 5 categories with a combined of 254 players taking part. In line with the latest trend, the Under-10 category had attracted the largest crowd with 112 players, followed by the U-12 category with 54 players despite only a handful 12 y.o. took part due to UPSR preparation. While, the Under-7 category had a significant increased from 28 players last year to 41 players this year. As for the U-14 and U-16, these categories had 49 players in total.
This is the third national-rated event in Malaysia to be implementing with the Revised Laws of Chess. Among the changes from 1st July 2014 is a player shall lose the game in the 1st occurrence of an Illegal move.

Some of the pre-tournament favorites' are the reigning top 4 Malaysian players in their respective category based on the results at Nat. Age Group held in April this year. The pre-tournament favourites' as follows:-

Under-7 Open 
1Yap Heng Yi (Nat U6B Champion)1389
2Beenasri (Nat U6G Champion)1325
3Adi Alfie Najat Mohd Fazli1319
4        Megat Zaid Megat (Nat U6B 4th)1297
5        Wong Qi Zhi (Nat U6B 3rd)1283

Under-10 Open 
1Mohd Shahir Shaik Mahaboob1595
2Ivan Sean Yap Shuean1519
3Shreesh Amit Chembeti1443
4       Chew Zhi Qi           1438

Under-12 Open 
1Jagathees Guna (Nat U12B 2nd)1691
2Chan Kim Yew1558
3Muhd Luqman Iskandar Zairudin1537
4Dinessh Kumar (Nat U10B 2nd)1536

Under-14 Open 
1Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari1735
2Nithyalaksmi (Nat U14G 2nd)1724
3        Muhd Azim Mohd Ismail1625
4        Praghashkumar Thanasegeren1610

Under-16 Open 
1Subramanian Sivanesan1720
2Yee Jian Yang (Nat U14B 3rd)1657
3Cheah Eason1646
4Muhd Faqih Aminuddin1640

This event was concluded ahead of schedule at 5.30pm. The fight for the Championship in this event was so intense until none of the pre-tournament top seed had emerged as Champion. 

In the U7 category, Yap was the overwhelming favourite, however, he was stopped by Wong in whom he defeated during NAG 2014. This lost had cost him the Championship when Wong continues to pick up the remaining 2 points to score a perfect 6!
In U10 category, anyone who dropped more than 1 point will be out of top 10 bracket theoretically and a perfect 6 was needed to win this Championship. The 1st casualty among the tournament favourites was top seed Mohd Shahir who lost to 34th ranked Olivier in Round 2 followed by 4th ranked Chew lost to 21st ranked Muhd Al-Waqeef in Round 3. With the lost of a point by 2 pre-tournament favourites, the other favourites Ivan and Shreesh had a perfect 5 before playing the final round were in driver seat to claim the Championship. 6th ranked Looi also with perfect 5 was pitted against Ivan, and Shreesh played Muhd Luqman who is trailing half point behind. On paper, Ivan and Shreesh who are 110 points stronger (at very least) in playing strength than their respective opponent should at least get a draw if not a win BUT alas both the players lost and the crown went to Looi.
In U12, Jagathees hopes on the title was shattered when he lost to Dinessh in Round 4. While, Muhd Luqman Championship quest was lost too when he lost to Chan in Round 5. Both Dinessh and Chan played each other in the final round to decide the Championship. However, the game had ended in a draw. The former who had a superior 2nd tie-break was declared as the Champion. For the record, Dinessh was among the 'late entries for U10' who didn't get a place in U10. Who say a U10 player cannot win a prize in U12. In fact, he won the event!  
In U14, Emir and Nithyalaksmi were the only players with perfect 4 after 4 rounds of play. In Round 5, the latter won the game and the Championship was more or less decided when she was pitted against 5th ranked Kabir who lost to Emir in Round 4. True enough, she had scored a perfect 6!
In U16, top seed Subramanian had failed to do a double for his family when he can only drew with Cheah in the last round. Earlier, he had suffered an unexpected lost to 11 y.o. Muhd Faqih in Round 3. While, Cheah had his Championship quest ended prematurely with a first round lost to Ng Jun Khai. While, Yee title hopes ended after a draw in Round 2 and a lost to Subramanian in Round 4. Muhd Faqih celebration on winning the Championship had to be put on hold when he lost to Cheah in Round 5 after scoring a perfect 4 including a win against Shivendran in Round 4. Nevertheless, he drew his last round against Yee and was crowned as Champion based on his superior 2nd tie-break over Subramian, Shivendran and Cheah. Now, we have a 11 y.o Boy winning U-16 Championship.
Who say a small boy (in age) can't defeat the bigger boys.
A tip for parents "Age is insignificant in Chess, it is the knowledge in Chess that matter most!!!" 

You can obtain the complete results from the following links.

For U-7 Open, please click here.
For U-10 Open, please click here.

For U-12 Open, please click here.

For U-14 Open, please click here.

For U-16 Open, please click here.

See you guys again in 2015!

Monday, August 18, 2014

3rd Summit Juniors Open: Update#4 [254 children in the Namelist]

On behalf of the Organiser, The Summit USJ, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all parents / teachers / coaches who had registered children for this event. This event has growth in strength since it first stated in 2012 with 166 children, then last year we had 211 children and this year we had accepted 254 children.

Due to space limitation, the event has to be capped at around 250 pax. The Organiser is unable to free-up more space to allow more participants - All in all there are 40 other players whom entries can't be accepted due to space limitation. Will plan for a bigger space in 2015 edition.

All players in the list (below) must arrive at the tournament venue BEFORE 10.30AM. The shopping mall is open to public at 10AM Sharp. For those who wants to arrive early, you may use the Car Park entrance at the Basement to get into the Shopping Mall.

There is no confirmation of registration needed as all players who had made payment shall be paired for Rd 1. A briefing on Revised Laws of Chess shall take place from 10.30AM before the start of Round 1 at 10.50AM.

The list of players who have made payment are listed below:-

No Name Cat Status
1 Adi Alfie Najat Mohd Fazli U07 Pd
2 Ahmad Danial Hafizin Mohd Hafarizam U07 Pd
3 Ahmad Hadif Mohd Ikhranizam U07 Pd
4 Ang Jing Xu U07 Pd
5 Angus Yew Jin Heng U07 Pd
6 Aqil Fahmi Rizal U07 Pd
7 Arif Danish Khamarul Ariffin U07 Pd
8 Beenasri Mathialagan-G U07 Pd
9 Derek Loh Chen Kang U07 Pd
10 Gajavrman Pillai Sathasivam U07 Pd
11 Irrin Hanna Izwan Hazli-G U07 Pd
12 Jeevashini-G U07 Pd
13 Low Chee Fatt U07 Pd
14 Lucas Yip Zhen-Yu U07 Pd
15 Megat Musa Megat Mohd Khushairi  U07 Pd
16 Megat Zaid Megat Mohd Khushairi U07 Pd
17 Miithran Guna Balan  U07 Pd
18 Mithrra-G U07 Pd
19 Muhd Hazim Irfan Mohd Zakiyuddin U07 Pd
20 Muhd Umarul Rashidi Mohd Azrul U07 Pd
21 Nikita Asha Kaur Randhawa-G U07 Pd
22 Niveythaa Parthiban-G U07 Pd
23 Nur Hannah Syarah Zulkafli-G U07 Pd
24 Nur Ismahani Khairul Nizam-G U07 Pd
25 Nur Syahirah Mohd Jamil-G U07 Pd
26 Sinojith Wickrama Surendre U07 Pd
27 Tan Wei Yuan U07 Pd
28 Thavaneish Kishor Kumar U07 Pd
29 Vienna Tay Kwan Ling-G U07 Pd
30 Wong Qi Zhi U07 Pd
31 Yap Heng Yi U07 Pd
32 Yusri Nabil Yusfarizal U07 Pd
33 Arden Choong U07 Pd
34 Herrish Mohan Kumar U07 Pd
35 Nirupam Mathu U07 Pd
36 Praveer Kashyap U07 Pd
37 S.S. Shrivardhan U07 Pd
38 Somessh Kumaresan U07 Pd
39 Thanushree-G U07 Pd
40 Yaush Paul Nambiar U07 Pd
41 Yeo Jien Sern U07 Pd
42 Adam Daniel Muhd Imran U10 Pd
43 Aiman Muizz Abdullah U10 Pd
44 Amanda Varilia Suliawan-G U10 Pd
45 Amex Moo Jin Liang U10 Pd
46 Amily Izzati Khairul Nizam-G U10 Pd
47 Anders Yew Jin Chen U10 Pd
48 Aniq Ashraf Azhar U10 Pd
49 Asia Moo Xin Yue-G U10 Pd
50 Auni Zulfa Mohd Rokhani-G U10 Pd
51 Brandon Tien Sreenivasan U10 Pd
52 Brian Morris U10 Pd
53 Chew Wei Zhi U10 Pd
54 Chew Zhi Qi U10 Pd
55 Clarence Chan Hang Yii U10 Pd
56 Derrick Loh Chen Jun U10 Pd
57 Dinesh Ramakhrishnan U10 Pd
58 Ethan (iDiscovery) U10 Pd
59 Evelyn Tan Eng Thong-G U10 Pd
60 Fariz Izzuddin Mohd Sofian U10 Pd
61 Gavy Poon Khay Jie U10 Pd
62 Haibatul Hannan Rizal-G U10 Pd
63 Harith Haiqal Helmee U10 Pd
64 Iskandar Haikal Zulkippli U10 Pd
65 Ivan Sean Yap Sheuan U10 Pd
66 Joel Wong Jia Hui U10 Pd
67 Jordan Wong Liang Hao U10 Pd
68 Kavenesh U10 Pd
69 Kohilavanan Chandran U10 Pd
70 Kon Hao Jie U10 Pd
71 Kong Dak Seng U10 Pd
72 Kong Ren En U10 Pd
73 Kong Ren Ji U10 Pd
74 Kuhen Ravendran  U10 Pd
75 Kukanes-G U10 Pd
76 Lee Sinje-G U10 Pd
77 Lee Yean Herng U10 Pd
78 Leong Qing Ling-G U10 Pd
79 Lim Yu En-G U10 Pd
80 Lina Izzani Kamaruzzaman-G U10 Pd
81 Liow Tze Young U10 Pd
82 Looi Ka Loc U10 Pd
83 Low Hong Hao U10 Pd
84 Lucas Ren Sreenivasan U10 Pd
85 Megat Imran Megat Mohd Khushairi U10 Pd
86 Megat Mohd Iqbal Megat Mohd Najib U10 Pd
87 Mickie Chin Mei Qi-G U10 Pd
88 Mira Kaur-G U10 Pd
89 Mohd Shahir Shaik Mahaboob Saleem U10 Pd
90 Muhd Adam Shaqir Ahmad Sharmy U10 Pd
91 Muhd Alif Hanafi Abdul Malik U10 Pd
92 Muhd Al-Waqeef Mohd Ikhranizam U10 Pd
93 Muhd Ameer Hisham Mohd Hashim U10 Pd
94 Muhd Amin Aisar Muhd Fadzli Amin U10 Pd
95 Muhd Amjad Amiruddin Mohd Akmal U10 Pd
96 Muhd Haziq Izzuddin Mohd Zakiyuddin  U10 Pd
97 Muhd Haziq Rhozisham U10 Pd
98 Muhd Luqman Alif Zairudin U10 Pd
99 Muhd Thabroney Mohd Tarmizi U10 Pd
100 Muhd Zuhairi Mohd Nazib U10 Pd
101 Myftzal Dzueffran Qayyum U10 Pd
102 Nayonika Chowdhury-G U10 Pd
103 Nazim Harris Mohd Fadzil U10 Pd
104 Ng Jia Qi-G U10 Pd
105 Nicholas Chua Zheng Xuan U10 Pd
106 Nicholas Khow Jin Kai U10 Pd
107 Nik Muhd Shaheen Mohd Sufian U10 Pd
108 Nur Afrin Najat Mohd Fazli-G U10 Pd
109 Octavius Ete Tan Zhy Lam U10 Pd
110 Oh Wei Na-G U10 Pd
111 Olivier Printemps Tan Zhy Ley U10 Pd
112 Ong Zhiwei-G U10 Pd
113 Ooi Wen Je U10 Pd
114 Phang Win Xie-G U10 Pd
115 Puteri Qistina Kamalulariffin-G U10 Pd
116 Raeshinya Somarajah-G U10 Pd
117 Raja Bazilah Bot Raja Badli-G U10 Pd
118 Raphael Michael Azman U10 Pd
119 Risshe Gehshan Mathialagan U10 Pd
120 Ryan Seow Chun Hong U10 Pd
121 Saillesh Kishor Kumar U10 Pd
122 Sharannya Kishor Kumar-G U10 Pd
123 Shreesh Amit Chembeti U10 Pd
124 Syuen Ngiu-G U10 Pd
125 Tan Li-Zhang U10 Pd
126 Tang Ming Hao U10 Pd
127 Tang Ming Zhe U10 Pd
128 Umar Wafi Ashraf U10 Pd
129 Usman Harith Fakrul Azmi U10 Pd
130 Uttara Chowdhury-G U10 Pd
131 Vinojith Wickrama Surendre U10 Pd
132 Wan Muhd Afiq Wan Afzanizam U10 Pd
133 Wong Qi Hao U10 Pd
134 Wong Sheng Yao U10 Pd
135 Yap Wei Xuan U10 Pd
136 Yap Wei Yun-G U10 Pd
137 Yusratul Umairah Yusfarizal-G U10 Pd
138 Aarin Vijay Pardhi U10 Pd
139 Akash Luke Vijayendra  U10 Pd
140 Dhanuissh Suryarow U10 Pd
141 Dheren Padmanathan U10 Pd
142 Giam Kee Hung U10 Pd
143 Jyothi Swaroop U10 Pd
144 Karthik Thiagarajan U10 Pd
145 Lavanyaa Suppiah-G U10 Pd
146 S.S. Tejaswini-G U10 Pd
147 Sanjaanah Arumugam-G U10 Pd
148 Shatish Baskaran U10 Pd
149 Shavitashree-G U10 Pd
150 Viishnu Mohan Kumar U10 Pd
151 Aaren Tan Whei Lung U12 Pd
152 Aidan Wong Weng Seng U12 Pd
153 Ajairam Sivananda Perumal  U12 Pd
154 Amin Qais Azali U12 Pd
155 Ang Jing Xuan U12 Pd
156 Chan Kim Yew U12 Pd
157 Cheah Jason U12 Pd
158 Chew Zhi Xuan U12 Pd
159 Dinessh Kumar Thanasegeren U12 Pd
160 Divya Shri Sivam-G U12 Pd
161 Farhan Danish Zulkiflee U12 Pd
162 Gerard Chong Woon Kai U12 Pd
163 Ghurupathy Ambigapathy U12 Pd
164 Helenikaa Sathianathan-G U12 Pd
165 Huong Xie Yu U12 Pd
166 Jagathees Guna Balan U12 Pd
167 Kabilan Thanabalan U12 Pd
168 Kelvin Chin Kai Wen U12 Pd
169 Khoo Thien Zhi U12 Pd
170 Lim Jun Shen U12 Pd
171 Lim Kai Xian U12 Pd
172 Mathan Raj Sivam U12 Pd
173 Muhd Amir Muzaffar Ahmad Sharmy U12 Pd
174 Muhd Faqih Aminuddin  U16 Pd
175 Muhd Ilham Qayyum Muhd Najib U12 Pd
176 Muhd Ilhan Mansiz Hairul  U12 Pd
177 Muhd Irfan Danial Khairul Hishamudin U12 Pd
178 Muhd Luqman Iskandar Zairudin U12 Pd
179 Muhd Shahir Mohd Shalihuddin U12 Pd
180 Muhd Syukur Razali U12 Pd
181 Nik Amirudin Nik Saladin U12 Pd
182 Nur Faiqah Aminuddin-G U12 Pd
183 Ong Weng Yan-G U12 Pd
184 Ong Zhiqian-G U12 Pd
185 Qaisara Abdul Halim-G U12 Pd
186 Saranya Rajadurai-G U12 Pd
187 Tan Poh Syuen-G U12 Pd
188 Tan Yong Hau U12 Pd
189 Tarani Jayaganesan-G U12 Pd
190 Teh Kai Yang U12 Pd
191 Tharuna Ruben Rao Gunalan U12 Pd
192 Tushar Ignatius Uthaiyan U12 Pd
193 Umar Zulfiqa Mohd Yusry U12 Pd
194 Yap Rou Xin-G U12 Pd
195 Yasmin Irdina Zulkippli-G U12 Pd
196 Aadarsh Ramanathan Alagappan U12 Pd
197 Amarajh U12 Pd
198 Athavan Raj U12 Pd
199 Nik Muhd Haziq Nik Norhisham U12 Pd
200 Nithin Mathu U12 Pd
201 Rooshillen Jayakumar U12 Pd
202 Sharmmen Raj Sanjeevraj U12 Pd
203 Tan Shao Chean-G U12 Pd
204 Tan Yik Chean U12 Pd
205 Tarakeshwari Nagaraj-G  U12 Pd
206 Vetrichelvan Manivanan U12 Pd
207 Akmal Zunurain Rizal U14 Pd
208 Benedict Yeoh Keng Aik  U14 Pd
209 Bryan Yap Chuan Yoong U14 Pd
210 Chan Hao Lun U14 Pd
211 Cheah Eason U16 Pd
212 Damia Qistina Abdul Halim-G U14 Pd
213 Ellie Emira Syamimi Ahmad Nazari-G U14 Pd
214 Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari  U14 Pd
215 Ernesto Chong Wei Loong U14 Pd
216 Francis William Louis U14 Pd
217 Giam Kee Wern U14 Pd
218 Ho Yu Heng U14 Pd
219 Jarell Cheong Tze Wen U14 Pd
220 Jeevvanraj Nagaraj U14 Pd
221 Joshua Ngo Yew Qian U14 Pd
222 Kabir Singh Ajeet Singh U14 Pd
223 Lee Zheng Xuan  U14 Pd
224 Low Chee Pang U14 Pd
225 Melbourne Lim Yung Han U14 Pd
226 Michael Gabriel Smith U14 Pd
227 Muhd Azim Mohd Ismail  U14 Pd
228 Muhd Ikhwan Zainol Ariffin U14 Pd
229 Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan-G U14 Pd
230 Praghashkumar Thanasegeren U14 Pd
231 Raja Batrisyia Bot Raja Badli-G U14 Pd
232 Sangetavathy Thanasegeren-G U14 Pd
233 Shanthur Sharan Rao Gunalan U14 Pd
234 Sobana Ramakhrisnan-G U14 Pd
235 Tee Wison U14 Pd
236 Tharanidharan Rajadurai U14 Pd
237 Thevi Sri Karunanithy-G U14 Pd
238 Aparajitha Biswas U14 Pd
239 Jason Tan Wye-Ki U14 Pd
240 Joel Prassanth Abraham U14 Pd
241 Kalaiarasu Rajamohan  U14 Pd
242 Kheesyen Raaj Murugan U14 Pd
243 Ahmad Nazmi Md Nizam U16 Pd
244 Chew Zhi Jing-G U16 Pd
245 Jessica Augustine-G U16 Pd
246 Krethaloshanan Vinnan Rao Gunalan U16 Pd
247 Lim Qi Yang  U16 Pd
248 Muhd Qusyairi Zainol Ariffin U16 Pd
249 S. Raamamurthy U16 Pd
250 Shivendran Gandhi Selventharan U16 Pd
251 Sooi Ching Wei U16 Pd
252 Subramanian Sivanesan U16 Pd
253 Yee Jian Yang U16 Pd
254 Ng Jun Khai  U16 Pd