Wednesday, May 25, 2016

11th MBSSKL Open Chess Tournament (National-rated) on 16th July

MBSSKL is organizing the Open Chess Tournament for 11 consecutive years. This year edition offers 2 categories namely U12 Open and U20 Open. Certificate of Participation will be given out to all players at the end of the event.

This national-rated event offers great opportunity to chess players who study chess regularly to improve their chess ratings. In each category, there are 15 cash prizes totaling RM660, plus subsidiary prizes for Age-Group and 3 Most Promising Girls. 

In addition, there are Best School Prizes for Gold, Silver and Bronze position. Each school must send a minimum of 4 players to qualify for School Prizes.

Closing Date: 2nd July 2016 (Saturday) [Take note: Will stop accepting registration at earlier date without prior notification if quota of 250 pax (combined) is reached. All players who register online must make payment within 3 days from the date of online registration and email the bank-in slip / M2U file / Internet banking to (Mr. Woo)]

The tournament prospectus can be downloaded from here.

The tournament Rules & Regulations can be downloaded from here.

This year, the school only accept one-type of registration i.e. Online Registration

Monday, May 23, 2016

2nd MBPS Juniors Open Chess Tournament (29/5): Reach the School by 8am

Please take note on the following itinerary for this Sunday event:-

8.00am    Arrival at School
8.10am    Check Rd 1 Pairing
8.20am    Get into the School Hall (Air-conditioning - Bring your own jacket)
8.30am    Arrival of VIPs, Speeches, Technical Briefing to players
9.00am    Round 1 
10.10am  Round 2 
11.20am  Round 3 
12.10pm  LUNCH BREAK [This is just the official time, but you still can purchase the food at School Canteen throughout the event from 9am to 4pm]
12.50pm  Round 4
2.00pm    Round 5
3.10pm    Round 6
4.30pm    Closing Ceremony

Parents do not need to prepare any pre-packed food for your children. Halal food can be purchased at the School Canteen on the event day. 

What's on offer?
1. Rice - Chicken Rice from The Chicken Rice Shop, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kandar (from supplier who provide catering services around town)
2. Bun - Ayam A1 Hotdog Bun  
3. Cakes
4. Rojak & Cut mixed fruits
5. Drink - Hot Coffee, Iced Jelly, Chilled Mata Kucing, Chilled Packet drink, Chilled Mineral water 

For your information, the selling price of the food (listed above) is lower than what you pay if you purchase the same meal from the respective food supplier. This is made possible with some kind of sponsorship from various suppliers who provide the food (listed above). 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

2nd MBPS Juniors Open Chess Tournament (29/5): Namelist

A total of 183 school children have registered for this event. In summary, there are 49 children in U8, 78 children in U10 and 56 children in U12.

If you have registered with payment but do not find your name listed in the list, please email to ASAP.

Cat. No Name Sex MCR-ID NRtg
U08 1 Abbay Charan Nigulan M MCR022553 1163
U08 2 Ahmad Absyar Abd Rahim M MCR017719 1214
U08 3 Akshata Alagappan-G F Nil
U08 4 Angus Yew Jin Heng M MCR015352 1388
U08 5 Araviendhra Magenthiran M MCR019805 1052
U08 6 Arvind Arumugam M MCR019144 1129
U08 7 Ashley Seow Xin Ru-G F Nil
U08 8 Beh Keat Ket M MCR019816 1156
U08 9 Brandon Phun Kai Jie M MCR021309 1186
U08 10 Chai Zhe Feng M Nil
U08 11 Chan Jie Yi-G F MCR019819 1039
U08 12 Chloe Wong Yen Li-G F MCR021332 1005
U08 13 Chow Lai Yong M MCR019830 1161
U08 14 Chuah Carl Zhen M Nil
U08 15 Chuah E-Jun M MCR019834 1114
U08 16 Darrius Sim Yu Xuin M MCR020488 1184
U08 17 Derek Loh Chen Kang M MCR017840 1213
U08 18 Evan Kong Tze Shern M MCR022705 977
U08 19 Goh Li Fan M MCR019880 1261
U08 20 Jayden Tay Ming Shen M MCR021458 1170
U08 21 Jovina Varrsha Saravanabavan-G F MCR020577 1049
U08 22 Kong Yi Run M MCR022822 1074
U08 23 Kyan Tan Kye Ren M Nil
U08 24 Lal Mugunthan Mahandran M Nil
U08 25 Le Hao Ming M MCR020626 1310
U08 26 Leslie Wong Kee Liang M MCR019941 1218
U08 27 Low Hong Shen M MCR021545 1142
U08 28 Mah Jun Qi-G F Nil
U08 29 Miithran Guna Balan M MCR004003 1365
U08 30 Mithran Prasad Kumar M MCR021570 1180
U08 31 Muhd Hafiy Ikhwan Rhozisham M MCR019384 1360
U08 32 Nithyanantha Nimalan Rao Gunalan M Nil
U08 33 Nur Damia Irdina Muhd Rozali-G F MCR020129 1001
U08 34 Ong Zhen Sean M MCR017215 1425
U08 35 Rhys Chan M Nil
U08 36 Sanjev Santhakumar M Nil
U08 37 Santhosh Pillai Ragunathan M Nil
U08 38 Shumitraa Vijiyakumar-G F MCR020207 1038
U08 39 Taj Cedric I. Clarence M Nil
U08 40 Thanushree Thirugana Kumeren-G F MCR018537 1174
U08 41 Trikant Sethu M MCR022115 1124
U08 42 Vaisshnaav Sivanesan M MCR022125 1054
U08 43 Vissnupriya Prushotman-G F Nil
U08 44 Wong Qi Han M MCR018897 1126
U08 45 Wong Qi Zhi M MCR015507 1458
U08 46 Woo Xin Ling-G F MCR021118 1050
U08 47 Yap Xin Yao-G F MCR021123 1161
U08 48 Yeo Hann Sern M Nil
U08 49 Yeo Winn Sern M Nil
U10 1 Adam Naufal Abd Rahim M MCR017714 1267
U10 2 Adhavan Kumaran M MCR013008 1135
U10 3 Adrian Ho Wan Li M Nil
U10 4 Avaneesh Shetty Ganesan M MCR021297 1148
U10 5 Ayden Khek M Nil
U10 6 Benjamin Ng Wei Min M MCR019153 1206
U10 7 Chai Song Qi M MCR018638 1208
U10 8 Chang Pui Yan F Nil
U10 9 Choo Zi Yun M MCR019171 1294
U10 10 Chooi Yi Jien M MCR021335 1189
U10 11 Chuah E-Xuan-G F MCR019835 1095
U10 12 Danya Sri Sharini T. Jegathesan-G F Nil
U10 13 Davin Bernstein M MCR020491 1142
U10 14 Derrick Loh Chen Jun M MCR017841 1145
U10 15 Dillon Leong Por Hong M MCR020497 1212
U10 16 Emanuel Lim Ying Qin M MCR020503 1207
U10 17 Erin Kong Tze Hsuen-G F MCR022702 939
U10 18 Ethan Low Jia-Wei M MCR016382 1250
U10 19 Gajavrman Pillai Sathasivam M MCR017887 1214
U10 20 Gavy Poon Khay Yie M MCR015702 1240
U10 21 Gene Hean M Nil
U10 22 Goh Li Yang M MCR019881 1198
U10 23 Grace Lau Xin Yi-G F Nil
U10 24 Grace Ngiu-G F MCR018665 1135
U10 25 Haresh Dheerendra Kumar M MCR021411 1158
U10 26 Harvey Teng Guan Hua M Nil
U10 27 Hashvin Kugan M Nil
U10 28 Hazel Lim Zhan-G F Nil
U10 29 Herrish Mohan Kumar M MCR017919 1324
U10 30 Ian Wong Ka Wai M Nil
U10 31 Jaiden Ti Jia Yi M MCR018675 1167
U10 32 Jarvis Ti Jia Xie M MCR018678 1184
U10 33 Jayden Phoon Wey Ken M MCR021457 1165
U10 34 Joel Wong Jia Huai M MCR017956 1113
U10 35 Jovahn Wong Kar Hou M MCR019914 1141
U10 36 Kishern Vikneswaran M MCR022818 1056
U10 37 Lam Zheng Hao M Nil
U10 38 Lee Jia Yi-G F MCR021510 1133
U10 39 Lee Yao Ming M MCR018710 1349
U10 40 Lee Yean Herng M MCR015737 1449
U10 41 Lee Zhong Lim M MCR020640 1090
U10 42 Letchumanan Sivakumar M Nil
U10 43 Lim Yi Jun M MCR018028 1222
U10 44 Low Chee Fatt M MCR003826 1402
U10 45 Low Hong Hao M MCR001833 1366
U10 46 Lucas Ren Sreenivasan M MCR003637 1326
U10 47 Lucas Yip Zhen-Yu M MCR015746 1312
U10 48 Luke Peri Luis M Nil
U10 49 Mah Jun Xi-G F MCR019963 1137
U10 50 Mamtaa Thambisamy-G F MCR016643 1169
U10 51 Muhd Adam Danial Muhd Khairy Ang M MCR019319 1228
U10 52 Muhd Emir Rasyid Emran M MCR019365 1548
U10 53 Ng Sai Sun Sarawat M MCR021847 1118
U10 54 Nicholas Kenawang Tumbai M MCR018804 1167
U10 55 Nicholas Khow Jin Kai M MCR001960 1361
U10 56 Nicki Chong Woon Nee F Nil
U10 57 Nik Emin Hisham Nik Ahmad Hisham M MCR020098 1372
U10 58 Nikita Asha Kaur Randhawa-G F MCR015883 1348
U10 59 Niveythaa Parthiben-G F MCR018305 1228
U10 60 Nur Arfah Irdina Muhd Rozali-G F MCR017083 1348
U10 61 Olivier Printemps Tan Zhy Ley M MCR001823 1550
U10 62 Pavitra Vijiyakumar-G F MCR020172 1086
U10 63 Prahlad Ravindran M MCR018831 1334
U10 64 Sanjaanah Arumugam-G F MCR018460 1239
U10 65 Senojith Wickrama Surendre M MCR018480 1080
U10 66 Shavitashree Thirugana Kumeren-G F MCR018858 1127
U10 67 Siddharth Krishna Manavalan M MCR017320 1264
U10 68 Swetha Thamil Manni-G F MCR020218 1272
U10 69 Taffazzul Ahmad Zahir M Nil
U10 70 Tang Ming Zhe M MCR018526 1166
U10 71 Thaavin Visakan Saravanabavan M MCR020239 1128
U10 72 Theyseegan Sakar M Nil
U10 73 Vishaantan Retnaswaran M MCR020260 1095
U10 74 Wesley Chiong * M Nil
U10 75 Wong Khai Xiang M MCR020269 1200
U10 76 Woo Ka Wai  M MCR015508 1425
U10 77 Yeo Jien Sern M MCR018583 1271
U10 78 Yhoshiine Muraly-G F Nil
U12 1 Alfred Liew M Nil
U12 2 Anders Yew Jin Chen M MCR015350 1384
U12 3 Brandon Tien Sreenivasan M MCR003736 1568
U12 4 Brien Foo Jiu Weir M MCR003645 1544
U12 5 Chan Ming Onn M Nil
U12 6 Chew Wei Zhi M MCR003517 1294
U12 7 Chew Zhi Qi M MCR001254 1607
U12 8 Chia Jun Xin M MCR019824 1191
U12 9 Christopher Chong Ning M MCR003579 1419
U12 10 Chua Jun Xian M Nil
U12 11 Chuah E-Jie-G F MCR019833 1129
U12 12 Claire Foo Jing Er-G F MCR003968 1433
U12 13 Clarance Foo Jiu Yarng M MCR002961 1517
U12 14 Derek Chew Xiao Feng M Nil
U12 15 Dinessh Kumar Thanasegeren M MCR000535 1625
U12 16 Evelyn Tan Eng Thong-G F MCR001584 1470
U12 17 Goh Yuh Hang M MCR015377 1197
U12 18 Hiu Jack Yuan M MCR019890 1304
U12 19 Karishaa Maya Vijay-G F MCR022789 1016
U12 20 Keshav Palaniappan M MCR017972 1346
U12 21 Keshver Gunalaraj M Nil
U12 22 Kong Dak Seng M MCR003479 1485
U12 23 Leeshana Pushpan Murugiah-G F MCR018712 1171
U12 24 Lim Yi Kai M MCR018029 1258
U12 25 Liow Tze Young M MCR003298 1369
U12 26 Loo Jing Heng M MCR019951 1304
U12 27 Marcus Chan Kai Wen M MCR018054 1134
U12 28 Mikail Danishh Gurung M MCR019979 1114
U12 29 Mohd Ariffin Sultan Salahudden M Nil
U12 30 Nicholas Chee Zheng Jack M MCR021852 1148
U12 31 Nik Emer Hisham Nik Ahmad Hisham M MCR020097 1329
U12 32 Octavius Ete Tan Zhy Lam M MCR002936 1410
U12 33 Ooi Wen Je M MCR018421 1157
U12 34 Perrynia Christianus Lim-G F MCR020173 1195
U12 35 Pheng Fook Weng M MCR020174 1560
U12 36 Pheng Win Xie-G F MCR003765 1363
U12 37 Phevos Khor Kah Hin M Nil
U12 38 Rey Matthew Tan Yong Xi M MCR020191 1285
U12 39 Ryan Seow Chun Hong M MCR002816 1540
U12 40 Samuel Lim Ying Yau M MCR022025 1093
U12 41 Shermon Corinthraj M MCR020206 1010
U12 42 Shiivaindhiran Mahendran M Nil
U12 43 Shreesh Amit Chembeti M MCR001368 1623
U12 44 Shyam Keshaav Suneth M MCR019613 1339
U12 45 Sriraam Vikneswaran M MCR022068 1173
U12 46 Syuen Ngiu-G F MCR017375 1380
U12 47 Tan Li-Zhang M MCR003758 1416
U12 48 Tang Ming Hao M MCR010094 1369
U12 49 Teioh Nuan Ning-G F MCR003759 1148
U12 50 Tharsika Prushotman-G F Nil
U12 51 Tharveen Kumarendran M MCR019645 1130
U12 52 Toh Yong Ze M MCR018547 1132
U12 53 Viishnu Mohan Kumar M MCR018555 1424
U12 54 Wong Qi Hao M MCR001410 1516
U12 55 Woo Xin Yi-G F MCR021120 958
U12 56 Youvenesh Sashikumar M MCR003715 1022