Saturday, September 15, 2012

CAS Fourth Quarter Allegro on 28th Oct 2012

CAS will be organising her next 1-day event on 28th October 2012 @ Arthur Tan Chess Centre, 4th Floor, Wilayah Complex, KL. This event is supposed to be organised on 7th October but we had decided to shift the date towards end of the month due to school examination.

CAS has decided to improve on the value of main prizes to attract more chess players to join the Category 1. Click here to download the event inforsheet. If you are interested to participate, please pre-register yourself for the event by sending an email to by 21st October 2012. Your support towards CAS-organised chess activities are very much appreciated.

Source taken from CAS website

Monday, September 10, 2012

CAS Third Quarter Allegro from my perspective

This event is held @ Arthur Tan Chess Centre, a regular home for CAS events. Usually, I can arrive at 8am since registration begins from 8.30am and Round 1 will be played an hour later for 7 rounds with Prize Giving Ceremony at 6pm. A very predictable routine indeed. However, it may not be the case this time. The registration time begins from 8am to 8.30am to make way for Round 1 to start at 9am. As usual, players begin to walk-in around 8.30am and registration closed at 9am. I had to blitz through the removal of names, Round 1 starts at 9.15am.

CAS has re-introduced the incremental time into the 1-day rapid event where 10 seconds increment shall be added to each move made by the player during the game. The main advantage for the Player is that he never run out of time anymore as long as a move is made before the time reach 0. While, the main advantage for the Arbiter is that he no longer need to make any decision on players who claim a draw under 2 minutes rule. As for the Organiser, no shortage of manpower as the need to have more arbiters servicing at the end of each round due to players "2 minutes rule" claim will never arise anymore. As for the Spectator, the atmosphere in the tournament hall while watching the remaining games at the end of each round is less tense. Well, it looks great for all parties.

Now, comes the main disadvantage for the Spectator is it kill off the excitement to watch both players blundered in the game especially when the timing reach critical level say less than half minute. As for the Organiser, each round have to start late if experienced players go into Bishop opposite colour endgame where the game may exceed 120 or even 150 moves with no end in sight and refuse to draw. For your information, a typical chess schedule with increment time is built based on 60 moves per game. In this case, 70 minutes per round. A 120-move game in every round will set back the schedule by 20 minutes for every round. This will add another 2 hours to the schedule for a 6-round competition. As for Arbiter, he shouldered a huge responsibility to make sure the event is able to finish as per schedule, else the Organiser reputation is at stake. Do you still remember one event that was played from 9am until midnight several years ago? While, the Player may find the increment time is a nuisance because he never need to use it anyway and some too find it so fascinating to end the game with a huge plus time to their clock. One instance that happened in this event, a player had 40 minutes in his time (plus 15 minutes from starting time) when his game ended after 30 minutes of play into the round. So, he needs to play at least 90 moves to get a 15 minutes extra in his clock assuming he took 0 second to play each of the 90 moves. Can you imagine how many moves did he played in the game? Luckily, this only happens to player who is trigger happy with the chess clock button, rather than playing the game itself.

CAS is the first organiser in Malaysia to introduce Rating category tournaments. I still remember the days when I proposed this 'out of the world in Malaysia context' idea to my Exco during one of those regular meetings. I was shot left, right and centre by my very own Exco for many reasons ranging from the added costing to strong and firm believers in Age-Group tournaments or just Single Open Category tournament format to the readiness of players. I was very fortunate to be given the greenlight to implement the idea by the very same Exco at the end of a furious brainstorming session. The motto by the President is 'Always allow the person who does the work to implement his idea and more importantly Exco must give full support to the implementer'. No sabotage among Exco members, once a decision is finalised. This is the culture within CAS.

Today, many organisers are copying this Rating Category idea on prizes to attract players at all levels. CAS too has attracted 81 pre-registered names for Category below 1400 rating aka Cat 2, and 24 pre-registered names for Category 1400 and above rating aka Cat 1. On tournament day, 24 players were paired on Cat 1 and 65 players were paired in Cat 2.

In Category 1,  Dr. Ronnie Lim as top seed, Kamaluddin (2nd seed), Muhd Syazwan (3rd seed), followed by two Exco namely Jax Tham and Fariz to round up the top five seed. Actually, Ian Udani  supposed to be the top seed but he pulled out on eleventh hour. His place was taken over by fellow filipino Villanueva, Nelson who was not seeded, unintentionally, because he did not declare his elo rating to the Organiser. He started his campaign by defeating Emir, the one of the two U12 players, that qualified into Cat 1. Next, he drew with Faizal Roslan before defeating Fariz. After lunch, he scalped Jax and Ronnie before settling for a draw against Nor Ilhamuddin for a simple 4 wins and 2 draws to claim the 1st prize.  Actually, Nelson has a rating of elo 2278 (I found out after 3 rounds of play). The complete crosstable result for Cat 1, click here.

Where as, Category 2 is expected to be contested keenly as the top five players are separated by a mere 14 rating points. Fahim Saleh as top seed with NR1398, Christine Lee (2nd seed), Meor Airil (3rd seed) and Muhd Haziq (4th seed) from Pahang, and Chew Zhi Xuan (5th seed) with NR 1384. Fahim campaign suffered a huge blow when he lost unexpected to Jayakumar (18th seed) in Round 2. In the following round, the remaining 3 highest seed were upset by players seeded in mid-teens. This gave 5th seed, Zhi Xuan, who defeated giant-killer Jayakumar who is more than 4 times his age in Round 3 to become the new favourite into Round 4. He will be challenged by Viknesh (7th seed) and Eu Sheng (10th seed). Zhi Xuan continues his fine form to beat a more experience Zu Hao to set up a Championship match against Eu Sheng. He got 5 wins in a row and just need a draw against the remaining challenger, 14 y.o. Viknesh who is trailing him by half point. The boys fight it all out for their first ever CAS Championship in their chess playing years. Viknesh was winning at one stage before 10 y.o. Zhi Xuan unleashed a tricky tactical combination to recover back the lost piece to force a draw. The complete crosstable result for Cat 2, click here.

My two tutelages who finish 1-2 in Category 2 of CAS Third Quarter Allegro

Saturday, September 8, 2012

CAS Third Quarter Allegro: Pre-registration Namelist as at 7th Sept

All players who have pre-registered (names listed below) must arrive at the tournament venue, Arthur Tan Chess Centre, by 8.30AM on this Sunday, 9th Sept. Round 1 will start at 9am. The time control is 25 minutes plus 10 seconds increment from move 1. This time control literally translate to 35 minutes per player (based on 60 moves per game) or 70 minutes per round. So, it is very important for the event to kick start @ 9am for Rd 1 to will ensure the 6-rounds event will finish before 6pm.

The namelist for Category 1 as follows:

1Bick, Gabriel J (Uscf 1966)
2Daryl Wong Cheng Lim1480
3Dawson Tan Soon Wei1459
4Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari1539
5Evan Loo Hsien Rong1589
6Fariz Shafruddin1849
7Ian Udani 2162
8Jax Tham Tick Hong1905
9Kamaluddin Yusof2011
10Lim Kian Hwa1706
11Low Jun Keat1558
12Mohd Afiq Afnan Mohd Khalid
13Mohd Faizal Roslan1770
14Mohd Shafiq Ngasiman
15Muhd Qhafiz Azhar
16Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli1918
17Nor Ilhamuddin Shaikh Ali1806
18Ronnie Lim Chuin Hoong2158
19Saleh Abdul Latif1443
20Sim Chung Seng1503
21Subramanian Sivanesan1711
22Syahril Abdul Jalil
23Wan Tarmizi Wan Sulaiman1491
24Yeoh Chin Seng1909

The namelist for Category 2 as follows:

1Aaren Tan Whei Lung 1203
2Adiba Zayani Zakaria-G
3Afiq Zaqwan Zainurin1090
4Aida Suriana Abdul Razak-G1296
5Aifaa Syafiqa Musthafa-G
6Aiman Syazwan Abdul Razak1158
7Aina Zaharah Shukor-G1205
8Allaida Siow-G1175
9Amir Faiz Amirul1112
10Amira Farhana Amirul-G1242
11Amirul Haji Mohd1383
12Asadullah Qamar1294
13Bryan Yap Chuan Yoong1203
14Bustaman Harun1346
15Cheah Kah Hoe1238
16Chew Zhi Jing-G1329
17Chew Zhi Qi1337
18Chew Zhi Xuan1384
19Chin Wan Seng1218
20Chong Jia Yuan1185
21Christine Lee Mei Yen-G1395
22Daniel Fitri Ramly1323
23Edward Kang
24Evelyn Tan Eng Thong-G1133
25Fahim Al-Faqeh Saleh1398
26Hafiz Borhanudin
27Hannah Humaira Mohd Hairil Nizam-G1120
28Harraz Hazreeq Mohd Hairil Nizam1048
29Hazim Imran
30Hendry Lim Wei Win986
31Ho Chen Ee-G1270
32Ho Eu Sheng1337
33Iffa Amalia Zubaidi-G1184
34Ivan Sean Yap Sheuan1246
35Izzat Danial Mahadi
36Jason Tan Wye-Ki1112
37Joel Pang Ze Minn
38Lee Zhi Wei1368
39Lim Kai Xian1233
40Lim Qi Yang1304
41Lim Wei Long
42Loh Zu Hao1296
43Mardhiah Abd Rahman-G1198
44Masyitah Abd Rahman-G 1082
45Meor Adib Rusyaidi Ayib Rosdi1243
46Meor Airil Rahimi Ayib Rosdi1395
47Mohd Haqeem Zulkarnain1063
48Mohd Mirza Ahnaf Mohd Fairuz1116
49Monica Kang
50Muhd Afiq Badrul Hisham
51Muhd Azri Kamaruljumat 1218
52Muhd Harith Fahmi Mohd Radzuan1163
53Muhd Harith Farhan Mohd Radzuan1207
54Muhd Hazid Ekquan Haruddin1392
55Muhd Isma Hakim Mohd Ismail1294
56Muhd Izzlan Shazuan Mohd Fadzil 1173
57Muhd Lukman Al Hakim Muhd Yusof1217
58Muhd Shamsuddin1204
59Nik Muhd Adib Hakimy Nik Nazaruddin
60Nik Muhd Hazim Nik Roslan1152
61Nur Insyirah Muhd Yusuf-G
62Nur Shahidah Muhd Nur Azmi-G1189
63Nur Zulaikha Yusra Zainal Abidin-G1189
64Nurul Hidayah Rosli-G1160
65Nurul Nadirah Mohd Nasir-G1049
66Piao Rui Lin-G
67Prashanth Ramasamy1191
68Risantini Murugam1175
69Ryan Tey He Yang1211
70Sakthiveelan Balakrishnan
71Shamsuddin Sabri 1299
72Shivendran Gandhi 1204
73Sofea Aliya Syahril-G
74Sureen Dev Perumal
75Syadina Syafi Ahmad Zikri-G
76Tan Jun Hong1277
77Tan Qian Hui-G1065
78Tan Yong Hau1286
79Umar Shamsuddin1192
80Viknesh Viajantheran
81Wong Zi Yue1266

Source taken from CAS website.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

CAS Third Quarter Allegro: Pre-registration (Last Call)

CAS has received a good response for the upcoming event on 9th Sept. There are few more hours left before the pre-registration deadline expires at 11.59pm, 6th Sept. If you have not register yourself but you still want to join the event without an extra RM10 penalty imposed on you, please send your name to

Click here to view the  latest namelist.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

CAS Third Quarter Allegro: Pre-registered Namelist as of 5 Sept 2012 (Updated)

Source: CAS Website,

A total of 98 players from two categories combined have pre-registered their names for the upcoming CAS event on 9 Sept 2012 @ Arthur Tan Chess Centre, 4th Floor, Wiayah Complex, KL.

The list of people that have registered themselves for Category 1 on 9 Sept 2012:-
1 Bick, Gabriel J (Uscf 1966)
2 Dawson Tan Soon Wei 1459
3 Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari 1539
4 Evan Loo Hsien Rong 1589
5 Fariz Shafruddin 1849
6 Ian Udani  2162
7 Jax Tham Tick Hong 1905
8 Lim Kian Hwa 1706
9 Low Jun Keat 1558
10 Mohd Afiq Afnan Mohd Khalid
11 Mohd Faizal Roslan 1770
12 Mohd Shafiq Ngasiman
13 Muhd Qhafiz Azhar
14 Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli 1918
15 Nazri Ahmad
16 Nor Ilhamuddin Shaikh Ali 1806
17 Ronnie Lim Chuin Hoong 2158
18 Saleh Abdul Latif 1443
19 Sim Chung Seng 1503
20 Subramanian Sivanesan 1711
21 Syahril Abdul Jalil
22 Wan Tarmizi Wan Sulaiman 1491
23 Yeoh Chin Seng 1909

Reminder: CAS has decided to extend the pre-registration deadline (without late fee charges) until 6th Sept (Thursday).

The list of people that have registered themselves for Category 2 on 9 Sept 2012:-

1 Aaren Tan Whei Lung  1203
2 Adiba Zayani Zakaria-G
3 Afiq Zaqwan Zainurin 1090
4 Aida Suriana Abdul Razak-G 1296
5 Aifaa Syafiqa Musthafa-G
6 Aiman Syazwan Abdul Razak 1158
7 Aina Zaharah Shukor-G 1205
8 Allaida Siow-G 1175
9 Amir Faiz Amirul 1112
10 Amira Farhana Amirul-G 1242
11 Amirul Haji Mohd 1383
12 Asadullah Qamar 1294
13 Bryan Yap Chuan Yoong 1203
14 Bustaman Harun 1346
15 Cheah Kah Hoe 1238
16 Chew Zhi Jing-G 1329
17 Chew Zhi Qi 1337
18 Chew Zhi Xuan 1384
19 Chin Wan Seng 1218
20 Chong Jia Yuan 1185
21 Christine Lee Mei Yen-G 1395
22 Daniel Fitri Ramly 1323
23 Edward Kang
24 Evelyn Tan Eng Thong-G 1133
25 Fahim Al-Faqeh Saleh 1398
26 Hafiz Borhanudin
27 Hannah Humaira Mohd Hairil Nizam-G 1120
28 Harraz Hazreeq Mohd Hairil Nizam 1048
29 Hazim Imran
30 Hendry Lim Wei Win 986
31 Ho Chen Ee-G 1270
32 Ho Eu Sheng 1337
33 Iffa Amalia Zubaidi-G 1184
34 Ivan Sean Yap Sheuan 1246
35 Izzat Danial Mahadi
36 Jason Tan Wye-Ki 1112
37 Joel Pang Ze Minn
38 Lee Zhi Wei 1368
39 Lim Kai Xian 1233
40 Lim Qi Yang 1304
41 Lim Wei Long
42 Loh Zu Hao 1296
43 Mardhiah Abd Rahman-G 1198
44 Masyitah Abd Rahman-G  1082
45 Mohd Haqeem Zulkarnain 1063
46 Mohd Mirza Ahnaf Mohd Fairuz 1116
47 Monica Kang
48 Muhd Afiq Badrul Hisham
49 Muhd Harith Fahmi Mohd Radzuan 1163
50 Muhd Harith Farhan Mohd Radzuan 1207
51 Muhd Isma Hakim Mohd Ismail 1294
52 Muhd Lukman Al Hakim Muhd Yusof 1217
53 Muhd Shamsuddin 1204
54 Nik Muhd Adib Hakimy Nik Nazaruddin
55 Nik Muhd Hazim Nik Roslan 1152
56 Nur Insyirah Muhd Yusuf-G
57 Nur Shahidah Muhd Nur Azmi-G 1189
58 Nur Zulaikha Yusra Zainal Abidin-G 1189
59 Nurul Hidayah Rosli-G 1160
60 Nurul Nadirah Mohd Nasir-G 1049
61 Piao Rui Lin-G
62 Prashanth Ramasamy 1191
63 Risantini Murugam 1175
64 Ryan Tey He Yang 1211
65 Sakthiveelan Balakrishnan
66 Shamsuddin Sabri  1299
67 Shivendran Gandhi  1204
68 Sofea Aliya Syahril-G
69 Sureen Dev Perumal
70 Syadina Syafi Ahmad Zikri-G
71 Tan Jun Hong 1277
72 Tan Qian Hui-G 1065
73 Tan Yong Hau 1286
74 Umar Shamsuddin 1192
75 Wong Zi Yue 1266

CAS really appreciate players who have performed pre-registration by 1st Sept 2012. For those who still want to to take part in this event but yet to perform pre-registration via email, please do so by sending an email with your name to by 6th Sept (Thursday). Thank you.