Sunday, March 11, 2012

NAG 2012: Round 2 Upsets in Girls Categories

In U-8 Girls, Evelyn Tan (seeded 5th) toppled 4th seed Chua Yee Ling. The top 3 seeded players won their respective encounter.

In U-10 Girls, Esther Tang held Lum Ting Fang to a draw. While, seeded players from other 4 top boards got full points.

In U-14 Girls, the pressure is on for the two highest rank players (defending champion Tan Li Ting and Camilia) when they only manage to draw with their opponents. While, the 4th seed Anis Farihan and 5th seed Ee Sun-Xin lost their respective game.

No upset among the top 6 boards for the U-12.