Wednesday, January 16, 2013

24th Selangor Juniors Open [Under-10 and Under-14] on 24th Feb

Players who are interested to join this event, please send an email to Click here to get a copy of this entry form.

Monday, January 14, 2013

National Rating List (JAN 2013 Release)

The rating list is released 1-day ahead of schedule (Day 15 of every Quarter). The list of national-rated events for the period OCT to DEC 2012 as listed below:

1.  Mind Chess FIDE Rated RR Tournament 2012
2.  UPSI 2012
3.  CAS Fourth Quarter Allegro 2012
4.  18th Kepong Juniors Open 
5.  1st Summit Juniors Open
6.  Mega Village 2012
7.  Insofar Oct 2012
8.  Pra-Sekolah Age-Group 2012
9.  National Rapid Open FIDE 
10. National Blitz Open FIDE
11. National Rapid Age-Group 2012
12. Nf6 Masters FIDE RR
13. Nf6 Juniors FIDE RR
14. PCGPS 2012 
15. Pertandingan Catur Karnival Sukan 2012
16. Insofar Nov 2012 
17. Penang Open FIDE 
18. Penang Challenger FIDE
19. National Juniors Boys FIDE 
20. National Juniors Girls FIDE
21. SMK Bandar Sg. Petani 2012
22. Insofar Dec 2012
24. Kudat Mengayau 2012
25. SCC Grand Finale 2012
26. PACU 2012
27. MMU Melaka 2012
28. SUKIPT 2012

A total of 2,364 entries consist of 1,712 players were recorded in 8 FIDE-rated events and 20 National-rated events. Players who played in FIDE rated events will have their game results to be included for National Rating calculation as well.

Click here to get access to the Top 20 Most Improved Players for Q4, 2012.

Click here to get access to the Top 100 Juniors (below 20 y.o.) in National Rating List.

Click here to get access to the Rating Changes on 1,712 players for Q4, 2012.

Click here to get access to the National Rating List (Jan 2013 Release) which comprises of 12,996 Malaysians and 1,030 Foreigners.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

24th Selangor Juniors Open on 24th Feb and 3rd March 2013

Source: CAS website

With reference to our article dated 4th May 2012 on re-instatement of Selangor Juniors Open, CAS will starts of the year with the Juniors event in February 2013 for the benefits of juniors to prepare themselves for MSSS / MSSWP, MSSM and National Age-Group.

The event will see 5 categories  i.e. Under-10 and Under-14 to be played on 24th February, while Under-08, Under-12 and Under-16 on 3rd March. The venue for the event is at Arthur Tan Chess Centre, 4th Floor, Wilayah Complex, KL.

There will be 15 prizes to be won by players in EACH CATEGORY. 

More details will be released over the next few days. Stay tuned......