Sunday, October 31, 2010

16th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship: Update#10

The Sixteen edition of Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship was concluded with great success. A total of 270 players turned up for the event albeit having 288 paid entries, maximum number of players who can fit into the school hall. This represents a small percentage of players who did not turn up for the event.

The organiser of the event, SJK(C) Kepong 2, would like to take this opportunity to thanks all volunteers, teachers, parents and players for making this event a great success. To those of you who had missed the opportunity to register in this year event, please register early for next year edition. The tournament form for this event will begin its circulation from late July onwards.

The result for the Under-8 category,

Friday, October 29, 2010

World Youth Chess Championship 2010: Update#4

Let see how the fairer sex fares two rounds later after the day off. Are we going to see major movements like in the boys categories?

In Under-8 Girls category,

The Chinese is still maintaining the half-point advantage over the field. It is very suprising to see two Americans were booted out the Top 10 standing alongside with one Hungarian. Who have taken over their places? Well, it is another Slovak, Russian and Bulgarian.

In Under-10 Girls category,

The sole leader from Russia at half-way stage had a terrible last two rounds that saw her knocked off from the throne by a Netherlander who herself has established a half-point advantage over others with another 3 rounds to go. There is only one casualty with an Iranian getting out and was replaced by an Azerbaijani.

In Under-12 Girls category,

Is is a very sad day for the Belarusans where their heroin who is the sole tournament leader at half-way stage was knock out of Top 10 by receiving a double K.O. after the day off. This is a clear and good example where the aspect of Mind Coaching is so bloody important !!!!! Let this scenario be also a lesson to be learnt by all Malaysians. May be one day in future, we have a Malaysian who can reach the same pinnacle at WYCC and we must make sure he/she does not suffer the same fate like this girl. Other casualties include a Russian and a Chinese. While, an Azerbaijani, an American and an Iranian have replaced them in the Top 10 standing.

In Under-14 Girls category,

The Chinese who was the sole leader at half-way stage no longer have the 1 point lead over the field. Currently, she is sharing her top spot with a Kazakh. Both of them have a half-point advantage over the chasing pack. Players from 4 countries namely Spain, Georgia, Iran and India were booted out of the Top 210 Standing and replaced by players from Azerbaijan, Serbia, Russia and Armenia.

In Under-16 Girls category,

Again, the Belarusans saw their heroin lost the sole leader status obtained at half-way stage. Now, she is sharing the top spot with 4 other players. Hope that she can survive the ordeal till the finishing line. A Spaniard and an Armenian could not survive the heat at Top 10 and were replaced by a Kazakh and an Azerbaijani.

In Under-18 Girls category,

The sole leader from Azerbaijan at half-way stage has pulled ahead with a one point lead over the chasing pack of 6 players. Players from Greece, Russia and Vietnam were knock out from Top 10 Standing and were replaced by players from India, Belarus. and Czech Republic.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

World Youth Chess Championship 2010: Update#3

Let see how the top players in each category fare two rounds later after the day off.

In Under-8 Boys category,

The top two leaders still maintaining their respective position, while the Uzbeks, Indians, and Vietnamese still among the chasing pack. There is two new entries into Top 10 i.e. Estonia and Georgia taking over from Russia and India contender.

In Under-10 Boys category,

One of the joint leaders at half-way mark has moved into driver seat position by being a sole leader with 1 point ahead of the chasing pack. USA still maintaining 3 players in the top 10 standing, while India is down to 2 players. Players from Serbia and Bulgaria were booted out of Top 10 List, replacing them are Poles, Iranian and our beloved neighbour who is represented by this sole representative. So far, Tin's performance is superb and getting stronger and stronger to the finishing line. He is on his way to make Singapore proud. Personally, I hope to see this boy can have a podium finish.

In Under-12 Boys category,

One of the joint leaders at half-way mark has moved into driver seat position by being a sole leader with 1 point ahead of the chasing pack. Only one player from Russia was booted out of Top 10 and was replaced by another Turks.

In Under-14 Boys category,

The Lithuanian still maintaining his 1 point lead he obtained at half-way stage. This group saw the highesty casualties number with 5 players (from England, Armenia, Spain, Ukraine, and Poland) dropped out from the Top 10 Standing. Which countries have replaced them? Iran, France, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, India. Now, India has 3 representatives.

In Under-16 Boys category,

The Poles are really dominating in this category. With 3 Poles in Top 10 standing which includes 2 of them in First and Second. This category is theirs for the taking. Other big winners are the Netherlanders and Russians with 2 new entries each into Top 10 Standing. One British also gets into the Top 10. On the other hand, the Danes were the biggest casualties with both players booted out of Top 10 alongside with a Spaniard, Mongolian, Israelis, and French.

In Under-18 Boys category,

The Armenian still maintaining his half point advatage over the field. One Israelis and one Iranian have taken over the place of a Turk and a Russian. The rest of the players in Top 10 still the same compare to the half-way stage.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

World Youth Chess Championship 2010: Update#2

Lets see which countries stand out for the Girls Categories at half-way mark.

In Under-8 Girls category,

Here we see a completely different scenario from the boys with the domination of contenders from 3 countries namely USA with 3 contenders, followed by Hungary and India with 2 each.

In Under-10 Girls category,

Here, there is 2 Greeks alongside with sole representative from 8 other countries in the Top 10 at the half-way mark.

In Under-12 Girls category,

Again, we see a similar dominance like the U8 category from different 3 countries namely China with 3 contenders, followed by Russia and India with 2 each. Will it be the same after 12 y.o.?

In Under-14 Girls category,

The domination by certain countries seem to mellow down. Nevertheless, there is still 2 Indians and 2 Iranians among the Top 10 contenders.

In Under-16 Girls category,

A similar trend just like in U14. It's good to see 2 Vietnamese alongside with 2 Georgians are currently among the top 10 contenders.

In Under-18 Girls category,

Another round of good news with 2 Vietnamese alongside with sole representative from 8 other countries in the Top 10 standing.

The South East Asia are better represented in the Girls category with 6 contenders coming from Vietnam. A very strong showing from the Vietnamese. Besides them, Indians and Chinese too have 6 contenders each in the Top 10 standing for the 6 categories contested.

World Youth Chess Championship 2010: Update#1

The World Age-Group 2010 better known as World Youth Chess Championship or in short WYCC 2010 has just concluded the half-way stage. Lots of local chess bloggers are reporting the performances of Malaysian players in this year WYCC.

I would not like to add more to it as I believe they are doing a decent reporting. Instead, I would like to report on which countries are fighting for top placing for each category. In view that the event only at halfway stage, there are still many contenders have their shot for Championship. I will cover the top 10 contenders for each category.

In Under-8 Boys category,

We are seeing 3 Indians propel into Top 10 in the youngest category. Why? They have the best decentralised Development Programme for Juniors in the World at this point in time or should I said began 10 years ago in a mass production effort.

In Under-10 Boys category,

Again, we are seeing the same thing as in Under-8.

In Under-12 Boys category,

Again, we are seeing 2 Indians as opposed to sole representative from 8 other countries. Let see whether this scenario changes after 12 y.o.

In Under-14 Boys category,

Now, there is 2 Poles besides 2 Indians inside top 10 standing. What about U-16?

In Under-16 Boys category,

Oops, no more Indians in the top 10 ranking, why? While, there is still 2 Poles dominates this category alongside with 2 Danes.

In Under-18 Boys category,

Finally, we see 2 Russians alongside with 2 Indians in the Top 10 standing.

Lets look at countries nearer to our home, the whole of South East Asia has only 1 contender in the Top 10 of the 6 categories contested. This give a strong indication to us on how far are we away from the world best.

16th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship: Update#9

The first 100 players aka "Early Birds" shall receive a very special magic bag. Hey the list showed 102 players. Why? Well, the school received these "last" entries together on the same day (i.e. 9th Aug 2010) and decided not to choose some entries into the Early Birds List and left out two entries.

Are you the lucky one? Here is the list sorted according to alphabetical order .........

1 Amierullah Ibrahim Ismail
2 Aneel Arora Singh
3 Benjamin Ho Kar Ming
4 Bryan Soo Buo Yuan
5 Calvin Lee Ji Ho
6 Chan Kah Mun
7 Cheng Hui Wen
8 Cheng Kai Rong
9 Cheng Zai Chern
10 Cheong Jie Yao
11 Cheong Keat Zhen
12 Chew Yung-Serng
13 Chew Zhi Jing
14 Chew Zhi Qi
15 Chew Zhi Xuan
16 Choo Jing Liang
17 Chua Yee Ler
18 Chua Yue Chern
19 Damian Wong Xin Hoe
20 Daryl Wong Cheng Lim
21 Davendran Balasubramaniam
22 Derek Poon Guo Liong
23 Diya Gobindram Chandmani
24 Domimic Sze Weng Long
25 Edwin Tan Yin Rong
26 Eric Choong Ee Jin
27 Ethan Wong Hsien Aun
28 Foo Jia Qi
29 Goh Xin Yen
30 Ho Chen Ee
31 Ivan Tan Tee Yan
32 Jeremiah Ng Zhi Wern
33 Joanne Chin Zhi May
34 Jonathan Ho Kar Leong
35 Jonathan Low Jun Yee
36 Julian Chin Tze Wen
37 Koh Kai Quan
38 Koh Kai Sen
39 Koh Kai Xin
40 Kong Dak Nam
41 Kughan Ravindran
42 Law Charmaine
43 Law Jing Chung
44 Law Jing Jhi
45 Lee Guang Shen
46 Lee Zheng Xuan
47 Lee Zhi Wei
48 Lee Zhi Yan
49 Lew Chun Yik
50 Liew Xun Heng
51 Lim Chin Shen
52 Lim Rong
53 Lim Way Shearn
54 Loh Zu Hao
55 Loong Yee Chong
56 Low Chee Pang
57 Lu Hwang
58 Lum Sun Yuan
59 Lum Ting Fang
60 Mok Khye Zen
61 Mok Shu Zing
62 Ng Jin Jin
63 Ng Jing Shun
64 Nittikorn Chian Promchan
65 Oon Zhi Hoo
66 Poh Jian Hui
67 Poon Jit Wai
68 Randy Chin Wei Sin
69 Sean Ho See Jian
70 Sean Ooi Zhi Jian
71 Shim Shi Ling
72 Shum Rui Yuan
73 Sk Prawein
74 Soh Jen Shven
75 Soh Jen Yang
76 Sophia Tham Yi Ting
77 Tan Jun Hong
78 Tan Poh Syuen
79 Tan Qian Hui
80 Tan Ri Hong
81 Tan Wei Hao
82 Tan Xin Le
83 Tan Xue Ren
84 Tan Yong Zhao
85 Tay Kit Ken
86 Teh Kai Wen
87 Teh Qing Hong
88 Teo Boon Kee
89 Teo Chong Guan
90 Teo Jun Sim
91 Teo Yi Yang
92 Tew Kae Shyuan
93 Tham Ju Rong
94 Tham Zhi Hong
95 Than Kok Chen
96 Viknesh Viajantheran
97 Vinton Wong Hsien Loong
98 Wha Yong Zi
99 Wilson Wong Wei Shien
100 Yap Ern Yee
101 Yap Seng Fei
102 Yap Wen Yi

If you did not show up during tournament day, this very special bag will not be given to other players outside this list. The school practices "No proxy is allowed" policy.

16th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship: Update#8

Please check and make sure your name is listed at the correct category (except overquota cases) for this Sunday event. In the rules and regulations section, we have mentioned that each category will be accepted until 64 players, thereafter the organiser has the right to push up players to higher category.

The good news is there still a poosibility that the organiser may push down some overquota players back to their respective category on tournament day subject to the availability of the lower category and will be based on the sequence listed on this page.

In a case where your name is listed in the wrong category (except overquota cases) or not listed at all in any category, please contact me asap @ 012-2984922.

16th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship: Update#7

Under-18 namelist
1 Andrew Soong Loc Yang
2 Boey Jin Huey
3 Chau Chee Hau
4 Ho Wing Kit
5 Ho Yan Bing
6 Joyce Tan Sue Lee
7 Koh Kai Sen
8 Kow Yu Yang
9 Lee Sai Men
10 Lim Chin Shen
11 Lim Joon Kiat
12 Low Jun Jian
13 Naren Odaiyappan
14 Poon Jit Wai
15 Sarika Subramaniam
16 Suniil Kalivanan
17 Tan Ri Hong
18 Teh Kai Wen
19 Yap Seng Fei
20 Yong Phi Lip

16th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship: Update#6

Under-14 namelist, (Overquota in designated category by sequence)
1 Afsana Jehan Mohd Nahu, U10-7
2 Alexander Lee Hao Ming, U12-16
3 Benjamin Ho Kar Ming
4 Cheng Zai Chern
5 Cheong Peng Sam, U12-2
6 Chieng Jin Han
7 Chong Shi Xian, U12-1
8 Chong Yan Meng
9 Derek Poon Guo Liong
10 Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari, U10-4
11 Eric Choong Ee Jin
12 Gabriel Soong Mun Hey
13 Goh Xin Yen
14 Hafiz Akram Azmi, U12-7
15 Hew Wei Chen, U12-3
16 Hoh Lap Hang, U10-9
17 Jeevanjit Singh Sukhbeer, U12-17
18 John Goerge Varugnese
19 Khoon Sze Yern, U12-11
20 Kishendren Sivananda Ratnam, U12-13
21 Koh Chun Hoong, U10-6
22 Koh Kai Quan
23 Lau Kar Jing
24 Law Jing Chung
25 Lee Jie Hong
26 Lee Kei Lum, U10-1
27 Lee Ting Yan
28 Lee Xi Wei, U12-5
29 Liew Ashton
30 Lim Qi Yang, U10-12
31 Lim Vyan Keane
32 Lim Way Shearn
33 Loo Xin Wei, U10-10
34 Low Jun Keat
35 Lucas Matthew Dutton
36 Mah Siew Zheng, U12-8
37 Max Wong Zi Quan, U10-2
38 Micaiah Chai Jien Zheng, U12-20
39 Muhd Amir Ridhwan Mohd Rohaizad
40 Muhd Rashad Hairizam, U12-10
41 Mukesh Kumar Sivakumar
42 Mun Wai Hong
43 Nabil Azmi, U10-3
44 Ng Jun Khai, U12-6
45 Nur Masitah Mohd Nazir
46 Pavitranayagi Jayamurthey
47 Phuan Hong Won, U12-15
48 Rizal Mohd Suhaimi, U12-9
49 Shaw Yun Min, U10-11
50 Shreyes Subramaniam, U12-18
51 Siti Mukhlisah Mohd Izahid
52 Sivasudhan Venkatesh, U12-14
53 Sk Prawein
54 Sriram Odaiyappan, U10-8
55 Tan Jia Jin, U12-19
56 Tan Wei Hao
57 Than Kok Chen
58 Tharoun Sharma Ravindran
59 Theng King Wai
60 Thien Zhong Vei, U10-5
61 Veronica Shalini Charles Anthony
62 Vinton Wong Hsien Loong
63 Vishvaraj, U12-12
64 Wong Jun Ming, U12-4
65 Wong Jun Xing
66 Wong Zhen Yau
67 Yap Ern Yee
68 Yap Wen Yi

16th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship: Update#5

Under-12 namelist
1 Alakarthika Ulaganathan
2 Aneel Arora Singh
3 Calvin Lee Ji Ho
4 Cheng Hui Wen
5 Cheong Jie Yao
6 Chew Yung-Serng
7 Chew Zhi Jing
8 Choo Jing Liang
9 Chua Yee Ler
10 Daryl Wong Cheng Lim
11 Davendran Balasubramaniam
12 Dawson Tan Soon Wei
13 Dilwen Ding Tze How
14 Dixon Tee Teng Hui
15 Diya Gobindram Chandmani
16 Ethan Wong Hsien Aun
17 Hadi Haikal Noorazman
18 Harghun Singh
19 Henry Chay Yam Weng
20 Ho Jun Kin
21 Hovindra Ramais
22 Jayethisan Namana Rajan
23 Jonathan Low Jun Yee
24 Julian Chin Tze Wen
25 Kajendrra Ramais
26 Kam Lih Ren
27 Koh Kai Xin
28 Kughan Ravindran
29 Kumaran Tamilselvam
30 Kyne Francis
31 Lau Jia Yi
32 Law Jing Jhi
33 Lee Jun Yi
34 Lee Wei Pin
35 Lee Zhi Wei
36 Lim Jing Yih
37 Lim Ming Xian
38 Lim Rong
39 Lim Zhao Kang
40 Loo Han Meng
41 Loong Yee Chong
42 Lu Hwang
43 Mohan Raaj Kalithasan
44 Mok Khye Zen
45 Oon Zhi Hoo
46 Owen Soong Szhen Yen
47 Pavitra Tamilseluam
48 Poh Jian Hui
49 Pravin Kumar Sivakumar
50 Randy Chin Wei Sin
51 S. Raj Kumar Selvarajoo
52 Sandya Rageene Ramana Rao
53 Santhosh Krisnapillay
54 Satgunalingam Gopalakrishnan
55 Shum Rui Yuan
56 Soh Jen Shuen
57 Soh Jen Yang
58 Subramanian Sivanesan
59 Sumedha Anne Sethupathy
60 Tan Jun Hong
61 Tan Keigen
62 Tan Yi Yao
63 Tay Kit Ken
64 Teo Chong Guan
65 Teoh Eyang
66 Tham Ju Rong
67 Tharisiny Thayalan
68 Vaishanaui Saravanan
69 Viknesh Viajantheran
70 Vishal Praven Ravi
71 Vivig Avinash Viganeswaran
72 Wha Yong Qi
73 Wong Jing Wen
74 Yashvindra Kumar Kalaithasan
75 Yugatheeban Subramaniam

16th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship: Update#4

Under-10 namelist
1 Amierullah Ibrahim Ismail
2 Bausch Koh Sian Kuan
3 Bryan Soo Buo Yuan
4 Chan Tian Yeong
5 Cheah Eason
6 Cheng Kai Rong
7 Cheong Keat Zhen
8 Choi Zhe Yoong
9 Chua Yue Chern
10 Dominic Long Sze Weng
11 Edwin Tan Yin Rong
12 Evan Loo Hsien Rong
13 Foo Jia Qi
14 Hee Zi Qi
15 Ho Chen Ee
16 Ivan Tan Tee Yan
17 Jaron Tan Xe Yung
18 Jeremiah Ng Zhi Wern
19 Joel Abraham
20 John Turkson
21 Jonathan Ho Kar Leong
22 Kong Dak Nam
23 Lau Tze Wei
24 Lau Xin Yi
25 Lee Guang Shen
26 Lee Zheng Xuan
27 Lee Zhi Yan
28 Leong Ca Tjun
29 Leong Jing Xiang
30 Lier Yi Xin
31 Liew Xun Heng
32 Lim Jun Hong
33 Lim Ming Kang
34 Loh Zu Hao
35 Low Chee Pang
36 Low Wen Jun
37 Luke Anand Soosay
38 Lum Sun Yuan
39 Mah Siew Hang
40 Mok Shu Zing
41 Moo Chi Yuen
42 Muhaziq Haikal Muhazrizal
43 Ng Jen Sheng
44 Ng Jing Shun
45 Ngew Wai Kin
46 Ngew Wai Kit
47 Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan
48 Nittikorn Chian Promchan
49 Raviindra Ramais
50 Rishi Deepak Gharpuray
51 Ryan Tey He Yang
52 Sangeetha Ragu
53 Sanjay Mogan
54 Sean Ho See Jian
55 Sean Ooi Zhi Jian
56 Shim Shi Ling
57 Sim Si Yuan
58 Sophia Tham Yi Ting
59 Tan Qian Hui
60 Tan Xin Le
61 Tan Xue Ren
62 Tan Yong Zhao
63 Teh Qing Hong
64 Teo Boon Kee
65 Teo Yi Yang
66 Tew Kae Shyuan
67 Tham Zhi Hong
68 Urugowtham Ulaganathan
69 Vivig Durgathini Viganeswaran
70 Wilson Wong Wei Shien
71 Wong Kai Xi
72 Yee Jian Yang
73 Yuuanes Ran Achiah

16th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship: Update#3

Under-8 namelist
1 Aaren Tan Whei Lung
2 Abdullah Alif Ali Mohd Ali
3 Adam Lee Jun Yim
4 Anxon Tee Teng Sheng
5 Avinesh Rao Achiah
6 Benjamin Chan Yenn Wing
7 Chan Hao Xian
8 Chan Junwin
9 Chan Kah Lok
10 Chan Kah Mun
11 Chan Kit Wai
12 Chan Tian Shin
13 Chew Zhi Qi
14 Chew Zhi Xuan
15 Chin Yi Hao
16 Chong Zhi Chee
17 Damian Wong Xin Hoe
18 Evelyn Tan Eng Thong
19 Herish Kovalan
20 Jayitaa Ann Sethupathy
21 Jessica Tan Sue Ann
22 Joanne Chin Zhi May
23 Jovel Andreal Lee Arnesto
24 Kabilen Vijandran
25 Kuhan Kovalan
26 Law Charmaine
27 Lee Jie Hang
28 Lee Meng Jun
29 Leong Zhe Cheng
30 Lew Chun Yik
31 Lim Jun Shen
32 Lim Kai Xian
33 Low Hao Jie
34 Lum Ting Fang
35 Muhd Afsar Mohd Nahu
36 Ng Jin Jin
37 Nygell Thomas Headley
38 R Deabernishwaran Sharma Ravindran
39 Ricnish Raj Rueban
40 Saransh Raina
41 Sophia Mohd Johan Shadzli
42 Tan Cheok Kee
43 Tan Kok Kian
44 Tan Poh Syuen
45 Tan Xuar Yan
46 Teh Xintian
47 Teo Jun Sim
48 Teoh Elite
49 Thien Zhong Syuen
50 Threeyampaghee Kalithasan
51 Wong Chun Yung

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

16th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship: Update#2

On behalf of the school, I wish to inform that the registration for all Categories were closed. Thank you for registering in this competition. This competition has attracted close to 300 participants in the 5 categories contested.

The school had received an overwhelming response for the Under-10 and Under-12 categories with more than 180 combined participants of which 30 plus players from these two categories were forced to be upgraded into Under-14 category. This means the Under-14 category will have around 70 players.

Please make sure to turn up on tournament day (31st OCTOBER) BEFORE 8.30AM @ Foyer area of the school main building to confirm your name for Round 1 pairing. See you there ........

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

16th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Championship: Update#1

On behalf of the school, I wish to inform that the registration for Under-10 and Under-12 categories were closed with the last entry form dated 1st Oct where the school received on 7th Oct 2010. Entry forms for these two categories that were received by the school after 7th Oct 2010 had been upgraded to the next available category i.e. Under-14.

For those U-10 and U-12 players who yet to register for this nationally rated event, you may still register yourselves in Under-14 category by sending the entry form together with cheque to the school address listed on the form. So far, 46 players have registered (include 10 players upgraded from U10 and U12 category) in this category.

Also, Under-8 category is filling up fast. However, there is about 20 more places up for grab. Please register yourself with payment enclosed A.S.A.P. before Closing Date on 18th Oct 2010.

Friday, October 8, 2010

MCF Chess Rating OCT 2010

I've just finished compiling the latest rating changes into the master database. A copy of the complete list can be downloaded from here.

For those who wish to see who are our top 100 juniors in Malaysia, please click here.

Please take note that I have removed 6 duplicate names and have their respective ratings adjusted accordingly that had appeared in the Rating Changes for the period July to Sept 2010 List that was uploaded on 1st Oct. A new copy of this list can be downloaded from here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

MCF Rating Updates: Rating Changes for July - Sept 2010

The rating changes on 896 individuals for the period July to Sept 2010 have been compiled successfully. In this period, a total of 11 events were submitted for rating purposes namely
1) MBSSKL Open;
2) Merdeka Rapid Age-Group;
3) Merdeka Individual Rapid;
5) AmBank Open;
6) Dungun Open;
7) Razzmatazz Open;
8) Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Senior Open;
9) Merdeka Team Rapid;
10) Sizzling Open;
11) Super Supreme Open;

The following event file has not been received by the Rating Officer at press time.
1) Segamat Challenge

A copy of the rating changes for all 890 players (updated 8 Oct) can be downloaded from here.

A copy of Top 20 rating changes in term of playing performance among the 896 players can be downloaded from here.

These rating changes will be compiled into the existing players database (> 8000 players) and is expected to be made available by end of next week.