Friday, November 30, 2007

We Have Arrived at Changi International Airport

The 1st batch of Malaysian has arrived safely at Changi International Airport, Singapore. We departed from Istanbul at 11.55pm (29th Nov) which is approx. 90 minutes before a plane enroute from Istanbul to Isparta had crashed at 1.36am local time (30th Nov).

We are currently having our dinner at the Airport, all of us missed the local food very much. Zhuo Ren and Edward Lee are enjoying their meals with two different serving. After meal, some of us are playing cards while waiting until 6.45pm before we take a cab to Harbour Front to board the bus back to KL. We are expected to arrived in KL past midnight.

The 2nd batch of Malaysian will depart from Antalya at 10.30am local time (1st Dec) and expected to arrive at KLIA at 7.50am Malaysian time (2nd Dec). Upon arrival, they will rush to Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam for the Masterskill Asean+ Youth Team Chess Championship.