Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hello! Istanbul (Day 1)

The 1st batch of Malaysian Chess Contingent arrived at Istabul at 5am this morning. The domestic flight to Antalya has been retimed to 8.25 am (1 hour later than the scheduled time).

The time right now is 7.15am (1.15pm Malaysian time). The 2nd batch of Malaysian Contingent is already 4 hours on board Malaysian Airlines and on their way to Istanbul. They are expected to arrive around 3pm local time (9pm Malaysian time) at Istanbul before boarding Turkish Airlines plane at 7pm to Antalya.

The 1st unpleasant incident occured to Mr. Yeoh who was unfortunately sit next to a passenger who vomitted onto his pant just as the plane started to take off from Changi Airport. His calmness and positive feeling in tackling the issue is a good example how important a good character can make a great chess player.

We have the British, Kazakhstan, Vietnamense, Philippines, Australian, Singaporean and probably more nationalities accompanying us for the 1st flight into Antalya for the day. The temparature here at the moment is 15 degree celcius.