Thursday, November 29, 2007

Round 11 Result (Day 12)

The result for the last round as below:
01) Yeoh, Li Tian [U-08 Boy's] (White) ==> Won against SHEREMET Anton of Belarus. He finishes 4th among 123 players in the event. He is now the best Malaysian performance at World Youth Chess Championship where he elipsed the record of Malaysian great juniors like FM Ooi Chern Ee, IM Mas Hafizulhelmi and Yeap Eng Chiam.

02) Azhar, Puteri Rifqah Fahada [U-08 Girl's] (White) ==> Won against SIALENCHYK Anastasiya of Belarus. She finishes at 30th placing among 73 players.

03) Tan, Wei Hao [U-10 Boy's] (Black) ==> Drew with FM CHIARI Arthur Gontijo of Brazil. He finishes at 72nd placing among 156 players.

04) Azman Hisham, Nur Nabila [U-10 Girl's] (Black) ==> Lost to AISHWARYA Gorthy of India. She finishes at 46th placing among 105 players.

05) Yeap, Eng Chiam [U-12 Boy's] (White) ==> Won against KAFETZIS Georgios of Greece. He finishes at 39th placing among 161 players.

06) Zullkafli, Amira Syahmina [U-12 Girl's] (White) ==> Drew with BAGHERI Taleghani Nadia of Iran. She finishes at 46th placing among 125 players.

07) Azhar, Muhammad Syakir Shazmeer [U-14 Boy's] (White) ==> Drew with SILVA Denison of Brazil. He finishes at 127th placing among 154 players.

08) Lim, Zhuo Ren [U-16 Boy's] (White) ==> Drew with AYDOGDU Erkmen of Turkey. He finishes at 89th placing among 126 players.

09) Ong, Way Justin [U-16 Boy's] (White) ==> Lost to BLACKMAN Justin of Barbados. He finishes at 113th placing among 126 players.

10) Lee, Kim Han Edward [U-18 Boy's] (White) ==> Lost to ALVAREZ RAMIREZ Miguel Angel of Mexico. He finishes at 94th placing among 114 players.