Thursday, November 22, 2007

Round 4 Result (Day 5)

Late posting of Round 4 result was due to Internet connection problem at Press Centre, Tournament Hall. Same problem with our hotel @ Alinda Beach Hotel.

01) Yeoh, Li Tian [U-08 Boy's] (Black) ==> Drew with DECROP of Belgium on Board 2
02) Azhar, Puteri Rifqah Fahada [U-08 Girl's] (Black)==> Won against MILICEVIC of Canada on Board 26
03) Tan, Wei Hao [U-10 Boy's] (White) ==> Lost to MOHINEESH of India on Board 04) Azman Hisham, Nur Nabila [U-10 Girl's] (Black) ==> Won against PAPATHANASIOU of Greece on Board 14
05) Yeap, Eng Chiam [U-12 Boy's] (Black) ==> Lost to HUNT of England on Board 18
06) Zullkafli, Amira Syahmina [U-12 Girl's] (Black) ==> Drew with ALEV of Turkey on Board 27
07) Azhar, Muhammad Syakir Shazmeer [U-14 Boy's] (White) ==> Drew with CIRUZZI of Argentina on Board 58
08) Lim, Zhuo Ren [U-16 Boy's] (Black) ==> Lost to GLIBSTRUP of Denmark on Board 49
09) Ong, Way Justin [U-16 Boy's] (Black) ==> Lost to AYDOGDU of Turkey on Board 45
10) Lee, Kim Han Edward [U-18 Boy's] (Black) ==> Lost to YANG of Taiwan on Board 47

P/S: Not a good result in this round with 3.5 points only among 10 players.