Sunday, June 23, 2013

2nd The Summit Juniors Open: Update#6 (Registration CLOSED on 17TH JUNE!)

Please be informed that registration to this event was closed on 17th June. The Organiser can no longer can accept anymore entries. 

PLEASE DO NOT Walk-In on event day in hoping that you can replace participants who didn't turn up to play BECAUSE there is No confirmation of registration process that will take place in the morning itself (just like National Age-Group). All paid participants who didn't turn up will be paired for Round 1 and 2, and their names will be removed only from Round 3 pairing if they didn't show up for both rounds.

Don't missed the next National-rated event i.e. MBSS Open (MBSSKL) on 6th July for U-14 Boys and Girls, U-17 Boys and Girls, U-23 Boys and Girls, 1st KUSESS Team Event (SM Sains Kuala Selangor) on 6th July for U-12 Team and U-18 Team, and 14th CAS Second Quarter Allegro (DATCC) on 7th July for Category below NR 1400 and Category NR 1400 and above.

For those who are new to Rating Category concept, CAS Category 2 is meant for players with National Rating less than 1400 equivalent to a National U-8 Championship or National U-10 Championship without the strongest 4 national players. So, if you are aged 10 and below, this is THE Category to join in order to experience glimpse of how National Championship is like. Of course, you can also join if you are above 10 y.o. as long as your NR is less than 1400. There is 19 cash prizes awaiting 19 different players.

While, for those players who possess NR of at least 1400 especially children 12 y.o. and below will compete in Category 1 where you are able to accumulate more playing experience at higher level by meeting with some strong National Players. Also, participating in this category will allow you to obtain invaluable insight on how players better than you play their games. This experience is very important so that you can continue to dominate your Age-Group comes next year National Championships. Of course, you can also join if you are above 12 y.o. as long as your NR is NOT LESS than 1400. Just like Category 2, there is 19 cash prizes awaiting 19 different players in this Category 1.

For more information on this event, just click here. To avoid another disappointment especially for CAS Allegro which offers 38 prizes, just sign-up yourself ASAP by sending an email with your Name, DOB, and H/P No. to

Once again, I would like to say a big Thank You to all chess players who had sign-up for the 2nd Summit Juniors.