Thursday, May 13, 2010

MSSWP Chess Under-18 Girls Round 7 Action

At press time, Kai Wen is having a winning position on Table 1, Eunice is having a better position but Lee Yin can still draw the game on Table 2, Yun Hui won on Table 3, Latifah won on Table 4, Germaine won on Table 5, Izzati won on Table 6. Sook Yee won on Table 7.

From the results, Kai Wen, Yun Hui, and Latifah seem to have qualify themselves to represent KL. While the remaining 3 tickets are likely to be shared among MSSM players Olivia, Eunice and Lee Yin. Three other players have outside chance to make the cut unless their tie-break are better than the 3 MSSM players.

Updated information
Lee Yin turned the table on Eunice to finish 2nd place behind Kai Wen, while Yun Hui , Latifah, and Olivia finishes at 3rd, 4th, and 5th position respectively. So top 5 finishers are "more or less" should be inside the KL team. The big question "Will MSSM player Eunice Yee join the list?" remains unanswered.