Thursday, May 13, 2010

MSSWP Chess Under-12 Boys Round 7 Action

At press time, Table 1 is still ongoing with an equal position. Jen Sheng won on Table 2, Harleiff won on Table 3, Hong Ben is leading 1 pawn on Table 4, Jong Yi is having an advantage on Table 5, and Max Wong won on Table 6.

From the consistent results in this event, Harleiff, Jen Sheng, Faizal and Yong Zhao seem to have qualify themselves to represent KL for MSSM. The next ticket should goes to Hong Ben if he can win his encounter. The last ticket is a tricky one between giant killer Viknesh (won Hong Ben and Rui Yuan), Max Wong, and winner of Table 5. All three of them have 5.5 points.

Updated information
Roslan won Yong Zhao on time, Hong Ben won his game, and Dawson bounced back to an almost equal position where Jong Yi lost on time. Another surprise took place where Jen Sheng was not awarded a direct entry into KL team but has to take part in blitz play-off where it involves 6 players. Meanwhile, his spot was taken over by Hong Ben. The top two players from the play-off qualifies. In the play-off, 3 players i.e. Jen Sheng, Dawson and Dilwen finish with an identical 3 points. The result of the two qualifiers yet to be announced at press time.