Thursday, May 13, 2010

MSSWP Chess Under-12 Girls Round 7 Action

At press time, Li Ting is winning on Table 1, Nurul Aina won on Table 2, drawish position between Camilia and Alakarthika on Table 3, Satyashree won on Table 4, Wei Ting won on Table 5, Yee Ler is winning on Table 6.

From the results, Li Ting, Nurul Aina, Camilia, and Wei Ting seem to have qualify themselves to represent KL. The next ticket should goes to Yee Ler if she wins. The last ticket is also a tricky one between Zi Qi (5.5 points), Shu Zing (5), or local GII students. Satyashree with 6 points will qualify on the ticket if she is a Malaysian (can't get verification at press time), while Alakarthika can't represent regardless of her result since she's not Malaysian.

Updated information
Li Ting won her game, Alakarthika created an upset to defeat Camilia, while Yee Ler wins her game.

A blitz play-off among Zi Qi, Yee Ler and Wei Ting took place where best two results qualified. Zi Qi won both games, while Yee Ler won Wei Ting. What's suprising was that Shu Zing (5 pts) has gained a direct entry into KL team although finish a distant 15th placing as compare to all play-off participants with 5.5 points. Camilia who finishes at 10th placing with 5 points too has gained a direct entry into KL team alongside with Li Ting and Nurul Aina. Sources said that Zi Qi may not play for KL in chess because it clashes with badminton but no confirmation is available. Hence, the fate of Wei Ting in KL team still remain unknown.