Thursday, May 13, 2010

MSSWP Chess Under-15 Boys Round 7 Action

At press time, Table 1 is still ongoing with Eng Chiam having a 1 pawn advantage with pawns on both sides of the game. the position is equal between Jun Feng and Derek but the latter is in severe time trouble on Table 2, Wei Hao drew Albert on Table 3, Shawn won on Table 4, Jing Chung drew with Jing Hong on Table 5, Alexander won on Table 6, and drew results for Table 7 and 8.

From the results, Eng Chiam and Jun Feng are the only two seems to have qualify themselves to represent KL. Shawn has unexpectedly consolidated himself to top 5 with his win over MSSM rep. Chin Shen. While, at least two or may be three MSSM players finished the event with 5 points only. Also, Derek just like Shawn could finished with 5.5 points if he has more time to his side in the last round.

Updated information
Eng Chiam and Jun Feng won their respective encounter to finish as Champion and First runner-up. Shawn at 5.5 points is 3rd followed by a group of 5 pointers led by Jianwen, Albert, Derek, Alexander, and Wei Hao. This is the toughest group to decide the other 4 players to enter the KL team. From hearsay, scorebook of these players were taken for analysis before a final decision to be made by MSSWP committee.

The big question - At the end of the selection process, will MBS has 4 representatives in this category which is a feat that I believe no other school in Msia has ever achieved? Read my comment on MBS last year if you want to know more about the school.