Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MSSMWP Zone Bangsar (Primary)

In this zone, 4 schools from the Boys category were competing against each other for the lion share of players who can qualify into the Final. These schools are Global Indian International (GII), Sri Cempaka (SC), SJK(C) Jalan Davidson (JD) and Methodist Boys (MB).

GII is the only school in KL that has chess includes into the School Official Curriculum which means all students have compulsory chess lessons. No wonder, this school has been excelling in chess for the last 3 years. This year, one-third of the boys' qualifiers came from GII.

SC has seen better results during the older days with the Koh's brother. The same goes to JD with the Low's brother. MB is relatively a new school in term of number of students involve in chess, the pioneers for this school were Albert Ang and Derek Poon who have moved to MB secondary school.

MB is the other school I take charge in KL. The school yet to reach her peak though with 2 national players among the ranks in the past. This year the school has 4 reps in the final, an improvement from last year. Alongside with private students among the other schools mentioned above. I have 6 boys from this zone.

As for the girls category. GII again dominated the scene with 6 girls qualified into the final. SK Bukit Jalil (BJ) will be a new force in making. We will see more promising results from them over the next 2 years. SK Bukit Damansara is slacking behind other schools with the departure of Natasha Kavina (a rep of KL to MSSM) into secondary section. Other notable schools in this zone are JD, SK Seri Hartamas, SK Bukit Bandaraya.

I believe this category will see a direct tussle between GII and BJ in next 2 years. As for myself, I only have one student for this zone. She too has qualified into the Final. Wish her all the best.

Next installment, Pudu Zone (Primary)