Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MSS Selangor Chess 2010 Result

Based on the winners information I obtained from gilocatur blog as follow:

Among the pre-tournament favourites for U18 Boys who have made it into top six finishing are Muhd Nabil (KS), Muhd Syakir (KS), and Low Jun Jian (PP). Those who missed the boat are Nor Izzuddin (HL), Tan Chee Seng (KG), and Poon Jit Wai (PU). The 3 players who earn themselves in top 6 are Chan Sheng Yip (KG) at 4th, Ashman Raziuddin Aliff (PP) at 5th, and Muhd Abdullah Suhaini (HL) at 6th. There is at least 1 MSSM representative who had failed to obtain a top 6 placing.

For U15 Boys are pre-tournament favourites Fikri Saleh (PP), Roshan Singh (PU), Muhd Irfan (KS). The casualties are Low Jun Keat (PP), Mirnash Chandran (HL) and Tiang Chang Sheng (KG). Their places are taken by Tan Chee Wei (KG) at 4th, Sunil Kalivanan (PP) at 5th, and Zarul Izham Mohd Norain (HS) at 6th. This category saw one key player who represented Selangor in MSSM last year failed to make it into top 6.

For U12 Boys are pre-tournament favourites Mohd Fikri (KL), Tin Jun Hao (PP), Mohd Noor Azam (KS), Ethan Wong (PU), and Emir Rusyaidi (KG) who made it into top 6 finishing. The only casualty is Yee Jian Yang (PU) and the player who took over his place is Leong Zhi Chen (KG) at 5th.

For U12 Girls are pre-tournament favourites Puteri Rifqah (KL), Nur Najiha (KS), and Puteri Munajjah(KL) who made it into top 6 finishing. The casualties are Ee Sun Xin (PP), Anis Fariha (PP) and Zainoor Ikmal (HS). The remaining 3 places go to Chin Shun Yi (PU), Nurulhana Syuhada M Sulkifi (PP), Nur Anisah Salihin (KG). This category suffer the deadliest blow where 2 MSSM players who represented Selangor last year had failed to finish in top 6.

For U15 Girls are pre-tournament favourites Amira Syamina (HS), Nur Nabila (KS), Goh Xin Yen (PU), and Seri Aisyah (SP). The casualties are Vickie Hong (PP) and Dhanusya Chandran (HL). The girls who take over their places are Gan Xiang Han (KG) and Ainan Nuha Shamsul Anuar (KS). This category saw one key player who represented Selangor in MSSM last year failed to make it into top 6.

For U18 Girls are Winnie Hong (PP), Nur Mardhiatul Husna (GB), Leong Yee May (KG), Intan Asirah Darwis (SP), Amanina Husna A Ridzuan (KG), and Lee May Chi (GB). As I did not have the starting list for this group, I'm unable to compare whether is there any stronger player who has missed the boat.

From the results, it is likely (in my opinion) to see another round of selection via play-off among the top finishers to decide the Best of the Best players to be brought to Perlis for Selangor to defend the Overall title. From the list, the categories that may be exempted from another round of selection are U12 Boys and U18 Girls. [Updated 16th April 2010] Sources said top two players will qualified automatically, while players who obtained 3rd to 8th placing will involve in playoff. It's still early to finalise the list. Remark: Yeoh Li Tian did not play in the Final, probably he gets a direct entry into MSSM with his current performance.