Thursday, April 8, 2010

MSSD fever has began .........

In the past 3 weeks, many schools are busy finalizing the namelist of their players in representing them in chess at Inter school competition or better known as MSSD (for Selangorians) or MSSMKL Zone (for City boys/girls).

Schools that have regular chess classes can leave the selection process to the Coach/Trainer. It's a pretty easy task for the school. While, schools that have no coach/trainer have to either call for a snap selection among students which is done over few hours (may not be a fair one) or just hand pick students who they know can play the game (usually favour bigger boys/girls, sorry to those strong players who just enter the school).

Many teachers think that U12 must be represented by 12 y.o. for a better chance of winning, the same goes to F3 students for U15, and F5/F6 students for U18. As to people who familiar with chess will know that this theory IS NOT TRUE. A classic example, Yeoh Li Tian (Selangor) at 10 y.o. can easily champ the Daerah U12, Sel U-12, and Nat U-12. With his current playing strength, he might as well become MSSM U18 champion and well he is just 11 y.o. Check him out in the ongoing KL Open 2010, he's definitely making a huge impact with a draw against IM and GM, and defeated elo 2370 player in his first 3 rounds. I hope anyone who read this article, please do your part to explain to others that Chess is not measure by physical built of a person. It's the % of brain utilised that counts (bigger head does not imply better utilization of brain).

Also, it is sad that many schools from few districts in Selangor are not aware of the Inter-school dates until the event was over. How about "relatively strong" players who may have left out in this process?

As the Hon. Secretary of CAS, I hope the Selangor District Organisers can give ample notification time to school to prepare their players for the event in future. As I know, many schools who aware of their respective district event had received notification ranging between 1 and 7 day. In this aspect, KL Schools Organisers have done a very good job. Kudos to KL.

Whatever it is, all things seem to be in auto-cruise mode and the show will continues to the next level i.e. MSS Selangor (13 to 15 April) and MSSMKL Final (early May). All the best to all qualifiers...............