Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MSS Selangor Chess 2010 In Action

The 2 days INDIVIDUAL Event will see around 240 players pitting against one another in 6 different categories where 6 players from each category will be chosen to represent Selangor in MSSM Perlis June 2010.

The favourites (at least on paper [National Rating] but listing is not ranked according to strength) for U18 Boys are Muhd Nabil (KS), Muhd Syakir (KS), Low Jun Jian (PP), Nor Izzuddin (HL), Tan Chee Seng (KG), and Poon Jit Wai (PU).

The favourites for U15 Boys are Muhd Irfan (KS), Low Jun Keat (PP), Roshan Singh (PU), Fikri Saleh (PP), Mirnash Chandran (HL), and Tiang Chang Sheng (KG).

The favourites for U12 Boys are Mohd Noor Azam (KS), Ethan Wong (PU), Mohd Fikri (KL), Yee Jian Yang (PU), Tin Jun Hao (PP), and Emir Rusyaidi (KG).

The favourites for U12 Girls are Ee Sun Xin (PP), Nur Najiha (KS), Puteri Munajjah(KL), Puteri Rifqah (KL), Anis Fariha (PP), and Zainoor Ikmal (HS).

The favourites for U15 Girls are Amira Syamina (HS), Nur Nabila (KS), Vickie Hong (PP), Seri Aisyah (SP), Dhanusya Chandran (HL), and Goh Xin Yen (PU).

On 15th April, a team event will be organised where the 10 districts will come together to compete against each other for the honour of BEST DISTRICT for the year 2010 in Selangor.