Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CAS Closed on 23 May 2010 [National-rated event]

CAS is organising a Closed event for her members on 23rd May in conjunction with her annual general meeting (AGM) take will take place in the same venue.

At the point of writing, this event is the only rated event sanctioned by MCF for the month of May. So, CAS is calling you to take part in this event if you want to get your maiden National Rating (if you do not have one) or see your rating performance changes to reflect your current strength.

Not many organisers actually submit their event for rating purposes, but CAS is among the few organisers who support the national rating system and do submit every events organised by CAS for rating purposes.

For those who yet to join member, you can sign-up to become a member on the tournament day itself and will process your application on the spot. Alternatively, you may want to drop by DATCC, 4th floor, Wilayah Complex on this coming Saturday (1st May) between 10am to 4pm for membership enrollment. By the way, 37th Selangor Open, the oldest chess tournament in Malaysia, is ongoing at the same venue. You can watch some of the Malaysian top players in action.

For more information on CAS Closed, please click here to download the infosheet.

(Source: CAS website)