Sunday, April 5, 2009

Under-16 Category in Action

Rd 5 Updates (Girls): NWM Alia Anin Azwa is on the verge of capturing the title with her win over Afifah. Her closest rival is 1.5 points behind with 2 games remaining. Top boards in action for Rd 6: Winnie Hong vs Alia, Lynette Wong vs Teh Kai Wen, Latifah vs Afifah.

Rd 5 Updates (Boys): There were 3 overnight joint leaders, however, Evan (seeded 4th) has taken the sole lead after this round when the other joint leaders drew their game. Top boards in action for Rd 7: Evan vs Syakir, Sumant vs NM Edward Lee, Muhd Hazzafri vs Muhd Izz.

Rd 6 Updates (Girls): NWM Alia is the first person to check-in to the Championship throne with the win over Winnie. She has 1.5 pts lead over her nearest rival, Teh who defeated Lynette. Latifah too has consolidated her position with objective to finish second behind Alia. Top boards in action for Rd 7: Alia vs Teh, Wan Aemellia vs Latifah, Choong Sy Yiing vs Lynette.

Rd 6 Updates (Boys): Evan continues to consolidate his position by winning against Syakir. While, Sumant drew with NM Edward which has given Izz Saifuddin a chance to close the gap with him. Top boards in action for Rd 7: Izz vs Evan, Ahmad Zulhilmi vs Sumant, NM Edward vs Muhd Nabil.