Sunday, April 5, 2009

Under-08 Category in Action

Rd 5 Updates (Girls): Teh Ming Min fails in her attempt to continue her giant killing feat when she lost to 2nd seed Teh De Zen. This has thrown the Under-08 Girls category wide open where 5 players have 4 points. Another player that is making wave in this tournament is Mok Shu Jing who so far has defeated 3 players seeded higher than her to share lead with two other contenders namely Puteri and Nur Islamurni. Top boards in action for Rd 6: Nur Islamurni vs. Puteri, Teh De Zen vs Mok, Teh Ming Min vs Zainoor.

Rd 5 Updates (Boys): Amier (seeded 2nd) had caused a major upset by defeating pre-tournament favourite Danish Hamzah. He has established a 1 pt lead over the field. Another overnight joint leader, Ng Jen Sheng, lost his game to Wong Yinn Long (seeded 8th). Top boards in action for Rd 6: Amier vs. Chuah Hao Min, Wong vs. Yee Jian Yang, Teh De Juan vs Ng.

Rd 6 Updates (Girls): Puteri leads the way to alongside with 2 other joint leaders namely Teh De Zen and Teh Ming Min had won against their respective opponents. All three of them had pitted against one another in previous rounds where Puteri defeated De Zen, De Zen in turn defeated Ming Min, while Ming Min defeated Puteri. This creates a high drama in the last round because all three of them will be floated down to play with weaker opponents. Possible scenario: 1) All three of them win their last round ==> P/E cannot decide outcome since they tie with 1 pt from round-robin table, then their Solkoff (BH) is the deciding factor, even BH may be same, then SB will be used; 2) Puteri and De Zen wins, then Puteri is crowned as Champion due to P/E; 3) Ming Min and De Zen wins, then De Zen is crowned as Champion due to P/E; 4) Puteri and Ming Min wins, then Min Ming is crowned as Champion due to P/E; 5) All lost their game, then we may witness a 7-way tie for top spot. Top boards in action for Rd 7: Puteri vs. Low Wen Jun, Sasithra Avadiar vs De Zen, Mok Shu Zing vs Ming Min.

Rd 6 Updates (Boys): Amier is a step closer to the title with a win over Chuah. Wong and Teh also chalked up respective wins over their opponents. Another player, pre tournament favourite, Danish, bounce back from his earlier round lost to Amier to win this round. Top boards in action for Rd 7: Wong (5pts) vs. Amier (6pts), Danish (5pts) vs. Benjamin (4pts), Muhd Aqil vd Teh (5pts). Both Danish and Teh had played each other in Rd 4 where the former chalked up a win.