Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Around the Blogs: National Age Group My Last Arbitering & 'Retire' Local Comp

I pick up this article entitled National Age Group My Last Arbitering & 'Retire' Local Comp from one of our active chess bloggers. It is sad to note that one of the very few Arbiters who believe highly on fair play spirit in Malaysia chess scene is retiring from Arbitering work. As he has pointed out, the attacks on him were done even though his actions on subject matters were accordance to FIDE Laws of Chess. Why has this happen? 1. Selfish parent who think only of their children and quickly point fault at Arbiter whenever the decision is not in their children favour; 2. Parent defines their own rule and care less about FIDE Laws of Chess; 3. Instigation by other parents who like to play-up non issue to "create situation" of no confidence against Organisers.

All the racist remark was thrown as a result they could not find any other better reasons. Luckily, Marcus did not have children in that group (or any other groups), no student that he is coaching in that group, else one of this 2 factor may be used as the excuse instead of racist remark.

As the Chief Arbiter in the event, I'm very sadden that Malaysia has lost one dedicated Arbiter. Believe me, there will be more similar Arbiters to leave the chess scene in near future.