Saturday, June 4, 2011

MSSM 2011 Final Result

What an interesting grand finale by Selangor. The team has staged a remarkable comeback on the last day of competition by putting up the best possible finishing after a disasterous Friday round and hope to improve as much as they could in the team categories standing.

After completing 5 rounds of team categories, Selangor is just in the running for 2 Silver and a Bronze but they end up winning 2 Silver and 3 Bronze which will contribute significantly to the points system. Also, WP improve from 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals before today to 4 Gold and 2 Silver medals. While, Penang grab 2 Gold and 2 Silver medals as compare to 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze position a day earlier.

The real stunning performance for Selangor come from the individual categories where they improve from 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medal positions on Friday to 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medals in the end of competition. The individual players from WP have mixed result in the final round where none of their Individual player finishes on podium. This does not augur well for them to collect sufficient points to capture the Overall title. As of press time, no news on whether which State emerge as the Overall Champion for Chess, MSSM 2011.

The breakdown on medal winners at the end of competition as below:- (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

U-12 Boys Individual >> Kedah, Selangor, Penang.
U-12 Girls Individual >> Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Penang.
U-15 Boys Individual >> Penang, Selangor, Kedah.
U-15 Girls Individual >> Selangor, Kedah, Sarawak.
U-18 Boys Individual >> Selangor, Perak, Selangor.
U-18 Girls Individual >> Malacca, Selangor, Pahang.

U-12 Boys Team >> WP, Penang, Johor.
U-12 Girls Team >> Penang, WP, Selangor.
U-15 Boys Team >> WP, Selangor, Johor.
U-15 Girls Team >> WP, Selangor, Penang.
U-18 Boys Team >> Penang, WP, Selangor.
U-18 Girls Team >> WP, Penang, Selangor.

Medal tally after 6 rounds competition:-
WP >> 4 (Gold), 2 (Silver), 0 (Bronze);
Selangor >> 3 (Gold), 5 (Silver), 4 (Bronze);
Penang >> 3 (Gold), 2 (Silver), 3 (Bronze);

Kedah >> 1 (Gold), 1 (Silver), 1 (Bronze);
Malacca >> 1 (Gold), 0 (Silver), 0 (Bronze);
Negeri Sembilan >> 0 (Gold), 1 (Silver), 0 (Bronze);
Perak >> 0 (Gold), 1 (Silver), 0 (Bronze);
Johor >> 0 (Gold), 0 (Silver), 2 (Bronze);
Pahang >> 0 (Gold), 0 (Silver), 1 (Bronze);
Sarawak >> 0 (Gold), 0 (Silver), 1 (Bronze);

If the calculation of points are based on the standard Merit-based system use in other sports at National-level/ Regional-level event i.e. Gold = 5 points, Silver = 3 points, Bronze = 1 point, then

Champion >> Selangor with 34 points;
2nd >> WP with 26 points;
3rd >> Penang with 24 points.


If calculation is based on Olympic System (which favour Best of the Best aka Gold), then
Champion >> WP with 4 Gold medals;
2nd >> Selangor with 3 Gold medals plus 5 Silver medals;
3rd >> Penang with 3 Gold medals plus 2 Silver medals.

However, Chess in MSSM does not adopt any of these systems. Well, Chess in MSSM has its own way of calculation where points are awarded even to the last placing finisher in any given category. As from my understanding, this unique system (which is not based on merit way of calculation) is designed to encourage minor state in chess to send teams to take part in the annual event. So, every state can go back home with some points eventhough no medal is won by the contingent and able to explain to the respective Education Dept that they are not doing too badly and can improve their peformance in future editions.