Friday, June 3, 2011

MSSM 2011 After 5 Rounds

In this post, KL shall be renamed to WP (Wilayah Persekutuan i.e. KL plus Putrajaya but exclude Labuan) although all reps are from KL.

All categories except (U15 Boys Ind and Team) have completed 5 rounds with 1 more round to play.

The breakdown of medal contenders into the last round as below(Gold, Silver, Bronze):
U-12 Boys Individual >> Kedah, WP, Penang.
U-12 Girls Individual >> Selangor, Selangor, Sarawak.
U-15 Boys Individual >> Penang, Selangor, Kedah [6 rounds completed].
U-15 Girls Individual >> Kedah, Selangor, Perak.
U-18 Boys Individual >> Selangor, Perak, Selangor.
U-18 Girls Individual >> Malacca, Pahang, Selangor.

U-12 Boys Team >> WP, Johor, Penang.
U-12 Girls Team >> Penang, WP, Johor.
U-15 Boys Team >> WP, Selangor, Johor [6 rounds completed].
U-15 Girls Team >> WP, Selangor, Penang.
U-18 Boys Team >> Penang, Johor, WP.
U-18 Girls Team >> WP, Penang, Selangor.

Medal contenders as at 3rd June 2011, 8pm:-
WP >> 4 (Gold), 2 (Silver), 1 (Bronze);
Penang >> 3 (Gold), 1 (Silver), 3 (Bronze);
Selangor >> 2 (Gold), 5 (Silver), 3 (Bronze);
Kedah >> 2 (Gold), 0 (Silver), 1 (Bronze);
Malacca >> 1 (Gold), 0 (Silver), 0 (Bronze);
Johor >> 0 (Gold), 2 (Silver), 2 (Bronze);
Perak >> 0 (Gold), 1 (Silver), 1 (Bronze);
Pahang >> 0 (Gold), 1 (Silver), 0 (Bronze);
Sarawak >> 0 (Gold), 0 (Silver), 1 (Bronze);

This WP team have take the Driver seat for the Overall Title based on the superb performance in Round 5 from the 6 categories (Team) with 4 Gold medals (U15 Boys is confirmed, U12 Boys and U15 Girls and U18 Girls are 99% secure). Both Selangor and Penang have failed in Round 5 and thus the Overall Champion title are now within the grip of WP.

WP would have crowned as the Overall Champion if the results are based on the Gold-Silver-Bronze medal tally since WP will take home a minimum number of 4 Gold medals. However, MSSM way of calculation is based on points system e.g. Champion = 10 points, Second = 8 points and continue down to the last placing in the category = 1 point. As I have mentioned earlier in my previous post, WP needs to improve the Individual result eventhough their players are not in contention for top three placing.

What a fantastic performance from WP in previous round!? How come both Selangor and Penang collapsed - Can either team stage a remarkable recovery in tomorrow last round? Or WP captures the Overall Champion title and Chess supreme stay within Klang Valley for the 8 consecutive years after reinstated back into MSSM Programme in 2004.