Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sri KL emerges as the New Champion in Individual and Team for the U-12 Boys Category of MSSD Petaling Perdana

After a gruelling neck-to-neck race with SK Bukit Jelutong "A" team from Round 1 until the finishing line, Sri KL has emerged as the New Champion for the Petaling Perdana Zone. Sri KL is the third champion school since the reinstatement of chess into MSSM backed in 2004, after SJK(C) Lick Hung won them from 2005 to 2008, followed by SK Bukit Jelutong in 2009 and 2010.

At the end of Round 7, Sri KL "A" team was leading SK Bukit Jelutong "A" team by half point from the total scores of 4 players. Then, a disaster struck Sri KL on Round 8 where their students could only manage to add 2 points from a maximum 4 points, while SK Bukit Jelutong "A" team contributed 2.5 points to bring both schools level in points into final round. The Sri KL boys did well to collect 3 points in the last round to be crowned as the New Champion.

As for the Individual Championship, Daryl Wong of Sri KL was the sole leader of the tournament after 6 rounds with all wins. However, he suffered an unexpected lost at the hand of Lee Zhi Wei from SJK(C) Ladang Hacroft who was trailing just half point behind. So, Lee was the new leader after 7 rounds. Then, the same thing happen to Lee when he lost unexpectedly to Muhd Faqih of SK Bukit Jelutong on 6 points. This has throwned the race wide open into the last round with 4 students with 7 points.

The tournament witness a mouth watering clashed between the top two seeded players with Identical Nat. Rating of 1363 in the final round. While, two other boys from Bukit Jelutong "A" team played each other since both of them had lost to Daryl in earlier encounters, Faqih won the game and claimed the Silver medal. As for the game of the event, Daryl won it and won the Championship title since Daryl had defeated Faqih in today earlier round. Meanwhile, Lee took the Bronze with 7.5 points by defeating Lim Rong of Sri KL. Fahim Saleh of Bukit Jelutong "B" team took the last qualifying spot by obtaining 7 points with superior tie-break among a bunch of students on same points.