Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MSSD Petaling Perdana Chess 2011 [Secondary Schools]

With the conclusion of the Primary Schools last Friday,the MSSDPP Organiser continues with the Secondary Schools which started from yesterday. To my knowledge from the feedback I received from some teachers, the Boys category will be played over 8 rounds while the Girls category will be played over 7 rounds. Three rounds were completed as of yesterday and the remaining rounds will be played until 2 pm today.

The pre-tournament favourites in each category as listed below:
Under-15 Boys >> Fikri Saleh (Nat. Rating 1727), Low Jun Keat (Nat. Rating 1580), Suniil Kalivanan (Nat. Rating 1546). As of this morning after 5 rounds, Jun Keat and Suniil collected all wins but Fikri has dropped point.

Under-15 Girls >> Vickie Hong Wee Ki (Nat. Rating 1514);

Under-18 Boys >> Low Jun Jian (Nat. Rating 1840);

Under-18 Girls >> Winnie Hong Wee Ni (Nat. Rating 1477);