Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MCF Chess Rating: April 2014 [Pre-release]

In the last 3 months, a total of 11 events were rated nationally. There were 1393 unique players who took part. Other events that did not meet the submission deadline on 31st March 2014 shall be included in April 2014 release.

The events that were included in the April 2014 release are listed as follows:-
1.      Johor Round-robin (FIDE rated)
2.      Air Tawar Rapid 2014
3.      18th GACC 2014 (FIDE rated)
4.      SUKIPT 2014
5.      National Closed Women 2014 (FIDE rated)
6.      National Closed Men 2014 (FIDE rated)
7.      Sabah Age-Group 2014 
8.      Selangor Juniors Open 2014
9.      MSSM 2014
10.   Perlis Open 1st Series 2014
11.   Kedah Open 2014

A copy of the rating changes for 1393 players in Q1 2014 can be downloaded from here
While, a copy of the Top 20 Most Improved chess players in Q1 2014 can be downloaded from here.
The complete version of MCF Chess Rating List shall be uploaded officially in the next post.