Tuesday, April 1, 2014

41st Selangor Open [FIDE-rated] (30th Apr - 4th May): Prospectus

Source: CAS website

CAS would like to announce the venue for this event @ DAT Chess Centre, 2nd floor, Wilayah Complex, Kuala Lumpur. We are having difficulty in sourcing for an alternative venue since Jan 2014 when the regular chess place at 4th floor of this complex was forced to shut down when the leasing term expired.

It was very fortunate that the Complex is renting a makeshift venue on the 2nd floor for the use of National Closed, Selangor Juniors Open and upcoming Selangor Open. Without this arrangement, there is no venue for chess in Klang Valley.

Click here to get a softcopy of the prospectus.

In order to enjoy the RM 30 discount, payment must be made via bank-in to the Association Bank Account stated in the entry form by 21st April 2014 (Monday).
[Updated on 9th April, 6pm] Due to unforeseen circumstances, please don't bank-in into CAS Standard Chartered Acc. 794-1-4102906-2 (Persatuan Catur Selangor) with immediate effect until further notice. You may make payment on event day but there is no discount given. Alternatively, you may bank-in the discounted entry fee to Maybank Acc: 112223186563 (Lim Tse Pin) to enjoy RM30 discount. Mr Lim will transfer your payment into CAS account manually at the Bank. Scan the bank-in Slip / Capture a screenshot if performs via Online Banking [Take note: For bulk registration, payment for all players must be done in ONE TRANSACTION for easy reference]. Send the entry form together with the bank-in slip / screenshot to selangorchess@gmail.com

Snapshot of the prospectus