Monday, March 4, 2013

CAS First Quarter Allegro on 24th March 2013

Source: CAS website on 3rd March 2013

After a tremendous support from parents of 105 children in today's event, CAS is pleased to announce that our next event will take place on 24th March @ DAT Chess Connections, 4th floor, Wilayah Complex, KL.

This event will be divided into two categories namely Category 1 for players with National Rating 1400 and above, while Category 2 for players below National Rating 1400. In the past few editions, the prize fund for this event was around RM 1,800 for two categories combined.

How is this edition different from previous edition?
1. CAS has decided to raise the prize fund to RM 2,980/= ( more than 50% increment).

2. In addition, CAS has decided to offer equal prize fund for both categories. Over the years, CAS receives strong support from players in Category 2, so we felt that it is time that we should be rewarding players in this group.

3. CAS is going to introduce more prizes for the Girls aka the Best Female Category.

4. CAS offers more cash prize for lower positions to encourage more participation

5. The event is going to be played over 7 rounds as opposed to 6 rounds previously.

We hope that with the improvise structure, we will get a stronger support platform from the chess community to drive our events to new heights.

The infosheet:

To get a copy of entry form, please click here. For those who are interested to sign-up for the championship, please send an email to Pre-registration closing date is 20th March 2013.