Monday, March 11, 2013

CAS First Quarter Allegro on 24/3: Update#1

Source: CAS website

This is a National-rated event. THE EVENT to join on 24th March 2013 if you want to earn your maiden national rating or to improve your national rating. Venue @ DAT Chess Connections, 4th floor, Wilayah Complex, KL. You may click here to get a copy of this entry form.

For those who yet to register, you can send an email to for pre-registration. Pre-registration closing date is 20th March 2013.

As of yesterday, the list of players who have paid / pre-registered themselves as follows:

Category 1 (Players with at least National Rating 1400 and above)

1. Bryan Yap Chuan Yoong (Pd)
2. Cheah Eason (Pd)
3. Sean Ooi Zhi Jian (Pd)
4. Wan Tarmizi Wan Sulaiman
5. Wong Kiiug Lik

Category 2 (Players below National Rating 1400)

1. Ivan Sean Yap Sheuan (Pd)
2. Chin Yi Hao (Pd)
3. Joel Pang Ze Minn (Pd)
4. Cheah Jason (Pd)
5. Muhd Syafiq Mohd Rozi
6. Teoh Poh Jian
7. Maahendar Sivapragash
8. GIAM KEE WERN              
9. Muzakkir Ahmad Zamri