Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MSSMKL 2011 Sentul Zone (Team Result for Primary Schools)

The dates on primary schools chess event for this zone is changed from 22nd March to 1st March unexpectedly. Some schools were not informed on the changes as well as no notice/circular informing schools in this zone with regards to the technical meeting on the change of dates. One of the affected schools is SJK(C) Kepong 2.

It was quick fortunate that Coach L who is coaching the school found out this piece of information just in time before the closing date set by the organising committee lapsed. So, SJK(C) Kepong 2 manages to register their students for the competition at the 11th hour without a chance to attend the already organised meeting for all schools in Sentul. This is the 2nd yr in a row that Kepong 2 did not receive notification on the meeting.

To cut the long story short, the school just received a copy of registration form without any details attached upon making a request to the hosting school. The school was told to go on 1st March. There is no indication whatsoever by the hosting school that 1st March is for team event or individual event. Nevertheless, Kepong 2 sent a team of boys and girls (on Coach L information) to compete without having any details on tournaments regulations like Rd 1 starting time, number of rounds to be contested, duration per player, and etc.

Upon arriving at the hosting school, SK Kiaramas @ Persiaran Dutamas, there were schools sending load of students who suppose to compete in Individual event. After seeing so many students actually came for Individual event, some parents of Kepong 2 are confused and doubt whether Coach L had gave a wrong information by asking another 14 Kepong 2 students who are slated to play in Individual event only not to be there on 1st March. After much confusion among the participating schools, it was made clear by the Organiser that 1st of March event is for Team only. Phew!!!!

The round began with 7 schools competing in the Girls category where the hosting school put up a "B team" to even out the number. A very good move indeed and an acceptable norm! While, the Boys category has 7 schools competing with one of the schools has requested for slating a "B team" since their Individual players already there but was denied by the organiser. Later, the accompanying teacher from that school found out a "B team" was allowed. In this case, the "B team" was not from the hosting school. The school teacher was literally jumping mad after learning it from the pairing. Why the bias? The organiser owes an explanation to that school teacher.

The way the tournament progress was quite anti-climax with the top 2 schools played each other in Round 2 for both sections. In the Boys section, SJK(C) Kepong 2 came out with a 4 nil result. The title was decided. As for the Girls section, both top schools tied 2-2. From then onwards, it was left to see which school actually drop points to other schools in a race to the finish. One of the them had put up 4 nil result in the remaining 3 rounds.

Now comes to the final result of the team event. I'm pleased to annouce that SJK(C) Kepong 2 had won both sections with 18 points from 20 games played.