Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MSSMKL 2011 Keramat Zone (Team Result for Primary Schools)

I did not attend this event as I did not have any school playing in this zone. Here is the result for this zone (Courtesy from MSSMKL blogsite):

Boys section

This could be the most populated zone with 16 schools took part. The stars for this zone are heavyweight SJK(C) Lee Rubber under Coach KK and "surprise, surprise" SJK(C) Lai Meng under Coach JT. Both schools Board 1 player are anchored by Coach L trainees. Coincidently, they are the only two students Coach L has in this zone. How they fare in Individual? check out in the next posting.

Girls section

With the departure of NWM Wendy Tan from SJK(C) Lee Rubber, the vacumm is immediately felt by the school and CBN1 under Coach G took full advantage of the situation to pip the former to the title by half a point.