Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CTEP Camp June 2011

For the first time in my 8 years as a full time Coach, I will be collaborating with my sifu in chess, Coach Seto, and Creative Chess Enterprise, Coach Balen. It is a unique experience to team up with my sifu together with my comrade in chess organisation. With our proven track record in grooming dozens of young children till represent the country, we are putting together a powerful chess training excellence programme camp on 6th & 7th June 2011 for children who inspire to represent Malaysia one day.

In Malaysia, many chess companies / academies / private enterprises have conducted chess camps actively in the past 5 years especially during the school holiday. From the research done, many chess camps just belong to "having some fun" camp category. So, I didn't want to associate with such a camp and would I say will not collaborate with parties in doing such camps. Therefore, I conduct CTEP camp for my own students only, no outsider is allowed.

Why am I collaborating with Others for the first time? It all began from a casual chit chat I had with Coach Balen in one of coffeeshops in town. He was telling me " this and that" on the camps he helped out others. Basically, those are the same reasons (in not many words) why I didn't collaborate with others. So I popped a question, why not you run one yourself? The rest is history. Here, we present to you a chess camp that we called Chess Training Excellence Programme camp.

How is this CTEP camp different from those "having some fun" camp?

1. The camp material will be customised manually based on the students chess understanding / level.

2. The camp material is extracted from a customisable self-develop methodology which is proven to produce more than 3 dozens of children (not just one individual, or 2, may be 3, 5, or 10 individuals) from the rudimental level like just knowing how pieces move until an expert level of representing the country.

3. The coaches share the same kind of believe on what are the best chess ingredients and what it takes for children of rudimental chess knowledge to grow.

4. Feel free to give me a call @ 012 - 298 4922 if you want to know more.

The infosheet:

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The Enrolment Form:

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