Friday, October 29, 2010

World Youth Chess Championship 2010: Update#4

Let see how the fairer sex fares two rounds later after the day off. Are we going to see major movements like in the boys categories?

In Under-8 Girls category,

The Chinese is still maintaining the half-point advantage over the field. It is very suprising to see two Americans were booted out the Top 10 standing alongside with one Hungarian. Who have taken over their places? Well, it is another Slovak, Russian and Bulgarian.

In Under-10 Girls category,

The sole leader from Russia at half-way stage had a terrible last two rounds that saw her knocked off from the throne by a Netherlander who herself has established a half-point advantage over others with another 3 rounds to go. There is only one casualty with an Iranian getting out and was replaced by an Azerbaijani.

In Under-12 Girls category,

Is is a very sad day for the Belarusans where their heroin who is the sole tournament leader at half-way stage was knock out of Top 10 by receiving a double K.O. after the day off. This is a clear and good example where the aspect of Mind Coaching is so bloody important !!!!! Let this scenario be also a lesson to be learnt by all Malaysians. May be one day in future, we have a Malaysian who can reach the same pinnacle at WYCC and we must make sure he/she does not suffer the same fate like this girl. Other casualties include a Russian and a Chinese. While, an Azerbaijani, an American and an Iranian have replaced them in the Top 10 standing.

In Under-14 Girls category,

The Chinese who was the sole leader at half-way stage no longer have the 1 point lead over the field. Currently, she is sharing her top spot with a Kazakh. Both of them have a half-point advantage over the chasing pack. Players from 4 countries namely Spain, Georgia, Iran and India were booted out of the Top 210 Standing and replaced by players from Azerbaijan, Serbia, Russia and Armenia.

In Under-16 Girls category,

Again, the Belarusans saw their heroin lost the sole leader status obtained at half-way stage. Now, she is sharing the top spot with 4 other players. Hope that she can survive the ordeal till the finishing line. A Spaniard and an Armenian could not survive the heat at Top 10 and were replaced by a Kazakh and an Azerbaijani.

In Under-18 Girls category,

The sole leader from Azerbaijan at half-way stage has pulled ahead with a one point lead over the chasing pack of 6 players. Players from Greece, Russia and Vietnam were knock out from Top 10 Standing and were replaced by players from India, Belarus. and Czech Republic.