Tuesday, October 26, 2010

World Youth Chess Championship 2010: Update#1

The World Age-Group 2010 better known as World Youth Chess Championship or in short WYCC 2010 has just concluded the half-way stage. Lots of local chess bloggers are reporting the performances of Malaysian players in this year WYCC.

I would not like to add more to it as I believe they are doing a decent reporting. Instead, I would like to report on which countries are fighting for top placing for each category. In view that the event only at halfway stage, there are still many contenders have their shot for Championship. I will cover the top 10 contenders for each category.

In Under-8 Boys category,

We are seeing 3 Indians propel into Top 10 in the youngest category. Why? They have the best decentralised Development Programme for Juniors in the World at this point in time or should I said began 10 years ago in a mass production effort.

In Under-10 Boys category,

Again, we are seeing the same thing as in Under-8.

In Under-12 Boys category,

Again, we are seeing 2 Indians as opposed to sole representative from 8 other countries. Let see whether this scenario changes after 12 y.o.

In Under-14 Boys category,

Now, there is 2 Poles besides 2 Indians inside top 10 standing. What about U-16?

In Under-16 Boys category,

Oops, no more Indians in the top 10 ranking, why? While, there is still 2 Poles dominates this category alongside with 2 Danes.

In Under-18 Boys category,

Finally, we see 2 Russians alongside with 2 Indians in the Top 10 standing.

Lets look at countries nearer to our home, the whole of South East Asia has only 1 contender in the Top 10 of the 6 categories contested. This give a strong indication to us on how far are we away from the world best.