Friday, October 1, 2010

MCF Rating Updates: Rating Changes for July - Sept 2010

The rating changes on 896 individuals for the period July to Sept 2010 have been compiled successfully. In this period, a total of 11 events were submitted for rating purposes namely
1) MBSSKL Open;
2) Merdeka Rapid Age-Group;
3) Merdeka Individual Rapid;
5) AmBank Open;
6) Dungun Open;
7) Razzmatazz Open;
8) Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Senior Open;
9) Merdeka Team Rapid;
10) Sizzling Open;
11) Super Supreme Open;

The following event file has not been received by the Rating Officer at press time.
1) Segamat Challenge

A copy of the rating changes for all 890 players (updated 8 Oct) can be downloaded from here.

A copy of Top 20 rating changes in term of playing performance among the 896 players can be downloaded from here.

These rating changes will be compiled into the existing players database (> 8000 players) and is expected to be made available by end of next week.