Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NAG 2008 Round 6 Updates

The names in Bold & Italic are likely to become the game that decides the Championship.

Round 6 (Girls) - The top three boards in action:
Under-08 Girls (White vs Black)
1. Puteri Munajjah [seeded 4th] vs Puteri Rifqah [seeded 1st] >> Drew
2. Nur Faqihah Aminuddin [seeded 3rd] vs Maisarrah [seeded 5th] >> Black Won
3. Nithyalakshmi [seeded 2nd] vs Wong Yi Chee [seeded 18th] >> White Won

Under-10 Girls (White vs Black)
1. Ee Sun-Xin [seeded 8th] vs Nur Najiha [seeded 4th] >> Black Won
2. Nurul Aina [seeded 2nd] vs Wendy Tan [seeded 1st] >> Black Won
3. Kelly Lim Pei Ying [seeded 7th] vs Camilia Johari [seeded 5th] >> Black Won

Under-12 Girls (White vs Black)
1. Hoh Tjin Hui [seeded 3rd] vs Nur Nabila [seeded 1st] >> Black Won
2. Fairuz Hamizah [seeded 7th] vs Tang Kar Khei [seeded 4th] >> White Won
3. Nurliyana Zulkifli [seeded 8th] vs Umairah Natasya [seeded 11th] >> White Won

Under-14 Girls (White vs Black) [To be played on 12th March 8.30 AM]
1. Amira Syahmina [seeded 2nd] vs Latifah Kaisyah [seeded 3rd] >>
2. Teh Kai Wen [seeded 10th] vs Alia Anin Azwa [seeded 1st] >>
3. Winnie Hong [seeded 4th] vs Sarika Subramaniam [seeded 5th] >>

Under-16 Girls (White vs Black)
1. Renitha Narayanan [seeded 4th] vs Chin Yuen Sue [seeded 6th] >> Drew
2. Latifah Syamimi [seeded 2nd] vs Nurul Akila [seeded 1st] >> Drew
3. Ong Choon Yong [seeded 7th] vs Joanne Lim [seeded 12th] >> White Won

Round 6 (Boys) - The top five boards in action:
Under-08 Boys (White vs Black)
1. Danish Hamzah [seeded 2nd] vs Tan Xu Zheng [seeded 8th] >> White Won
2. Eng Ying Xuan [seeded 18th] vs Tan Yong Zhao [seeded 1st] >> Black Won
3. Edwin Tan [seeded 6th] vs Sean Hshi [seeded 23rd] >> White Won
4. Kabir Singh [seeded 13th] vs Muhd Zulfikri Sulkifly [seeded 3rd] >> Black Won
5. Ian Teh [seeded 10th] vs Ang Zhen Wei [seeded 12th] >> White Won

Under-10 Boys (White vs Black)
1. Muhd Aziz Farhan [seeded 2nd] vs Yeoh Li Tian [seeded 1st] >> Drew
2. Aron Teh [seeded 4th] vs Subramanian Sivanesan [seeded 5th] >> White Won
3. Ooi Zhi Yang [seeded 18th] vs Mohd Faizal Roslan [seeded 3rd] >> Drew
4. Shreyes Subramaniam [seeded 7th] vs Ang Zhen Yuan [seeded 27th] >> White Won
5. Chew Esheng [seeded 14th] vs Tang Wei Kit [seeded 23rd] >> Black Won

Under-12 Boys (White vs Black)
1. Tan Wei Hao [seeded 3rd] vs Elgin Lee [seeded 6th] >> Drew
2. Daniel Iskandar [seeded 1st] vs Jeff Tan [seeded 7th] >> Black Won
3. Low Jun Keat [seeded 2nd] vs Julian Koh Tze Xian [seeded 10th] >> White Won
4. Albert Ang Keliang [seeded 4th] vs Derek Poon [seeded 13th] >> White Won
5. Fikri Saleh [seeded 8th] vs Tan Soon Keat [seeded 63rd] >> Black Won

Under-14 Boys (White vs Black)
1. Low Jun Jian [seeded 3rd] vs Evan Timothy [seeded 5th] >> Drew
2. Keok Kai En [seeded 17th] vs Lee Jing Yao [seeded 22nd] >> Drew
3. Joshua Teo [seeded 9th] vs Muhd Nabil [seeded 2nd] >> Drew
4. Muhd Syakir [seeded 1st] vs Wong Hao [seeded 12th] >> White Won
5. Patrick Lim [seeded 15th] vs Samuel Chan [seeded 7th] >> White Won

Under-16 Boys (White vs Black)
1. Edward Lee [seeded 4th] vs Justin Ong [seeded 5th] >> White Won
2. Lim Zhuo Ren [seeded 1st] vs Tan Ken Wei [seeded 3rd] >> Drew
3. Muhd Izz [seeded 6th] vs Sumant Subramaniam [seeded 2nd] >> White Won
4. Leong Manwyn [seeded 31st] vs Gavin Fong [seeded 7th] >> Black Won
5. Nor Izzudin [seeded 8th] vs Tan Yik Shen [seeded 25th] >> Black Won