Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10th CAS Second Quarter Allegro on 6th Apr [Wilayah Complex]

CAS will continue to organise this one day self-funded tournament. For the matter, CAS has increased the total prize fund to RM 1,900 for the two categories to be contested as compared to RM 1,800 on offer during the First Quarter edition on 24th Feb 2008 despite making no less than RM 700 losses.

Category 1 will offers 10 main cash prizes plus 3 best U12 prizes. While, Category 2 offers 10 main prizes plus 3 best Girl's prizes.

According to CAS officials, it may comes a day when CAS will retire this event from the Association calendar if the numbers of participants registered are constantly below 100 pax where only a small percentage is actually the Association members. For the record, CAS needs at least 120 pax in combined of 2 categories for this event to break even.

Category 1 is open to chess players with NATIONAL RATING 1400 AND ABOVE ONLY. While, Category 2 is open to chess players with NATIONAL RATING BELOW 1400. As for non-rated participants, adult and Under-18 have to join Category 1 and Category 2 respectively.

Beginning 2008, CAS will be introducing an exclusive offer to parents with children. Now, any parent who sign-up as CAS member will also see your children (non CAS member) to be entitled to the benefit of lower entrance fee.

For those who wish to take part in this event, please email your name and category to selangorchess@gmail.com before 4th Apr 2008 for pre-registration.