Thursday, July 14, 2016

MCF Chess Rating: July 2016 [Pre-release]

This is the pre-release document containing a copy of the rating changes for 3,533 unique players in Q2 2016 can be downloaded from here. For new July rating please check from Pg 44 to Pg 86.

While, a copy of the Top 20 Most improved chess players inQ2 2016 can be downloaded from here too.

The events that were included in the July 2016 release are listed as follows:-

1.           5th Summit Juniors Open   

2.           SMK TBR Open     

3.           43rd Selangor Open (FIDE) 

4.           Selangor Challenger (FIDE)              

5.           Malaysian Masters Men (FIDE)       

6.           Malaysian Masters Women (FIDE) 

7.           DPulze Open         

8.           4th MRSM Rapid Open (FIDE)            

9.           Salak South Juniors Open  

10.        Kedah Open          

11.        Johor Amateur     

12.        2nd MBPSKL Juniors Open  

13.        4th MRSM Juniors Open     

14.        SJK(C) Davidson Juniors Open         

15.        Kaamatan Open (FIDE)      

16.        Sarawak Labour Day Open

17.        KUSSESS  

18.        Northern Region Open      

19.        7th TSLLS Tapah Open        

20.        Pahang Open        

21.        Chung Ling Open  

22.        UMP Rapid Chess Challenge            

23.        MPSP Open           

24.        Sg. Siput Open

25.        Malaysian Championship Men Playoff

26.        Malaysian Championship Women Playoff

27.        Sarawak Ramadhan Rapid