Monday, April 11, 2016

5th Summit Subang USJ Juniors Open: The Results (Individual)

This event was conducted successfully yesterday with more than 260 children taking part in this 1-day National Rated Event. The seeding of the players are based on yet to release National Rating April List that is scheduled to be released on 15th April. At the point of writing, the whole rating calculation of more than 2,500 players who took part in National-rated Events organised during the First Quarter 2016 is 95% complete.

I've received a few compliments and 'complaints' with regards to the National Ratings posted yesterday during the event. I'm happy because some parents have recognized the rating published is going to be their children new rating in April list, while I'm sad because some parents angry with me because 'wrong' rating are associated with their children. Other parents are puzzled without voicing to me because their children ratings are different from the one they know (i get to know via feedback from know-why parents).

Nevertheless, I'm happy based on parents reaction because it shows parents do care about their children rating very much. Due to sleepless night in rating calculation for the past few weeks, I finally lost my voice yesterday morning before the event start. This is the 1st time it happens to me on event day. Usually, it happens just after the event over e.g. The longest one I remembered was I lost my voice for 2 weeks after I finished with World Youth Olympiad in 2002. I must be counting my lucky star that it happened yesterday and not a day earlier, else the Chess Workshop for the 80 Early Bird Registrations has to be called off. Also, I thanked my Deputy, S. Balen, for the the speeches he gave on my behalf and special thanks to parents who presented me with few bottles of Chinese herbal tea for speedy recovery. Yesterday event went very smoothly, here, I thanked all my hardworking arbiters for a great job done!

Now, lets get back to the individual results.

The U-8 Result:-

The U-10 Result:-

The U-12 Result:-

The U-16 Result:-