Saturday, April 23, 2016

2nd MBPS Juniors Open Chess Tournament (29/5): Registration is Closed

The registration for this national-rated event is closed with more than 180 children have registered. The name list shall be published on 3rd May (Tuesday) after I complete with the whole organisation of 43rd Selangor Open. 

There is one parent by the name of Yong Seow Huei, please send your child entry form to by 26th April. Else, your child (No name) entry will not be entertained and a refund will be made upon your request. Please take note that I don't have your contact number. 

An advise to all parents for future transaction, please add your child name to the Recipient Reference when you do an Online Transfer, the Organiser is not dealing with 1 online transaction but few dozens up to hundred transactions within a short span of 2 weeks.