Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MCF Chess Rating: JULY 2015 Official Release

In July 2015 release, there are 21,687 chess players. An increased from 21,053 chess players in Apr 2015. Of which there is more than 20,200 Malaysians in our chess rating database. A unique MCF Chess Rating ID contains 9-Alphanumeric ID was introduced in the October 2013 edition. Please refer to here for more info.
Please remember your MCF Chess Rating ID to facilitate registration process of National-rated Events and insist on the Event Organisers to key-in your MCF Chess Rating ID into IDNo column of the Swiss Manager file to avoid any rating discrepancies.

This list was done up after spending 18,000 minutes (equal to 300 hours) in following steps:- (1) players' name synchronization between tournament file and rating database, (2) ratings check on each player in each tournament file, (3) re-edit result on unplayed games but key in as played games by Event Arbiters, (4) ratings calculation of each player (more than 2500 of them), (5) manual assignment of K-factor to each player based on individual rating bands, (6) players' rating tabulation, (7) compilation of multiple entries of a player into one single unique entry (1914 of them in this quarter) aka Pre-Release Rating document, (8) insert 1914 new/revised ratings into Master database (20,153 as of Apr 2015 release), and finally (9) the extraction process into July Rating release document. All these were done in the last 45 days i.e. 5 hours daily for first 30 days, followed by 10 hours daily in the last 15 days.
For the past 12 years, I've been doing this MCF Chess Ratings to give a better gauging system for the development of Malaysian Chess especially among the Juniors below aged 12. It took 6 years of education (2004 - 2009) for the chess community to realize the importance of chess ratings for self-development purpose. Things began to change for the better in 2010 where more tournaments were submitted for national ratings. At first I was happy with the change but it didn't last too long. In 2011, little did I realize this 'baby' that I started from scratch in 2002 (Yup... 2 years before it  was adopted by MCF and changed name to MCF Chess Ratings) had turned into a little monster that haunted me 4 times in a year.
Usually, I'll start doing this horrendous national rating calculation work once I'm done with my day-to-day primary job that starts from afternoon till night. I went through sleepless nights especially in the last 15 days prior to the new rating release (on 15th day of each new quarter). This cycle of nightmare happens 4 times in a year that affect 180 days of my life every year. 
In addition to the National Ratings, the time that I have spent on rectifying tournament files before submitting to FIDE for FIDE Ratings purpose wasn't accounted for. For FIDE it's just very simple - FIDE will just reject the file for rating calculation if (1) and/or (2) were not in order. I think it is time for me to follow FIDE footstep by rejecting all tournament files that cannot get (1) and (2) in order for National Ratings calculation. Last year Malaysian Chess Festival tournament files were a nightmare when comes to (1) and (2), I hope whoever is the Chief Arbiter for this edition can save me the extra nightmare.

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Click here to download the MCF Chess Rating List of 5,300 Malaysian Female Players. An additional of 185 players (+3.6%) if compared with 3 months ago. 
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