Saturday, July 12, 2014

9th MBSSKL Chess Open Tournament

172 players have registered for this 1-day national rated event @ MBSSKL. There are 6 categories to be contested namely Under-14 Boys and Girls, Under-17 Boys and Girls and Under-23 Boys and Girls.

As usual, the Under-14 attracts the largest crowd with a combined of 106 players. While, the Under-23 categories have 25 players only. This is the first national-rated event in Malaysia to be implementing the Revised Laws of Chess. Among the changes from 1st July 2014 is a player shall lose the game in the 1st occurrence of an Illegal move.

Pre-Tournament favourites as follows:-
Under-14 Boys 

1 Lye Lik Zang 1838
2 Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari 1735
3 Cheah Eason 1646

Under-14 Girls 

1 Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan 1724
2 Sim Jia Ru 1543
3 Melanie Koo 1518

Under-17 Boys 

1 Dilwen Ding 1804
2 Chew Wen Da 1779
3 Subramanian Sivanesan 1720
4 Tan Yong Zhao 1712

Under-17 Girls 

1 Rosamund Koo Wei Xin 1774
2 Ho Chen Ee 1416

Under-23 Boys 

1 Tan Wei Hao 1796
2 Liew Ken Yew 1763

Under-23 Girls

1 Elizabeth Hoon Thien Li 1317
2 Teong Bol Man 1012

Round 1 just concluded a moment ago with 5 players lost by default based on the new rule on Illegal move.