Saturday, July 12, 2014

9th MBSSKL Chess Open Tournament: Final Result

The event is concluded successfully at 4.25pm. Tournament top ranked player in 4 categories has emerged as Champion i.e. 10 y.o. Lik Zang in U-14 Boys, Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan (a National Women Squad 2014/ 2015 player) in U-14 Girls, Dilwen Ding in U-17 Boys, and Rosamund Koo in U-17 Girls.

MBSSKL Students done well in the U-14 category with two students namely Wong Zhu Hock and Jaron Tan have played above their rating playing strength to finish bridesmaids to Lye.  While, MBSSKL Low Chee Pang and Darrel Yap are among the 6 prize winners in U-17 Boys.

As for U-23 Boys, once again MBSSKL hopeful Tan Wei Hao has to settle for the second position after the 4th round lost to eventual Champion Liew Ken Yew. Nevertheless, MBSSKL Angeline Sim, a sixth former (MBSSKL is a Boys school except for Form Six intake), has salvaged back some pride for MBSSKL by winning the U-23 Girls Category in a 3 way-tie for 1st place after P/E count but have the best solkoff (2nd tie-break) among the 3 girls which include the top ranked Elizabeth Hoon.

This event is incident-free despite being the first event in Malaysia under the revised Laws of Chess. Kudos to all Deputy Chief Arbiters, Section Arbiters, Result Arbiters, School teachers, Parents, Coaches and last but not least the Players to make this event a success!

You can obtain the complete results from the following links.

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For U-14 Girls, please click here.
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