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23rd Selangor Juniors Open Chess Tournament Under-16 Highlights

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A blast from the past, this "premier" Under-16 Category was won by many national upcoming strong juniors in those days who eventually become very strong players in later years (at least in Malaysia context) e.g. Ooi Chern Ee from Penang (1992), Ng Ee Vern from Selangor (1995 - 1997), Lim Yee Weng from Selangor (1998), Nicholas Chan from Selangor (2001 - 2002), Anas Nazreen Bakri from Malacca (2003 @ 12y.o., 2006 - 2007), and Abel Yap Jinwei from Selangor (2004). Other notable junior players include Adrian Wong (1988), Mohd Hirmiadi Don (1989), Chen Tien Yue (1990), Hoy Weng Keung (1991), Hafiz Shafruddin (1999 @ 13y.o.), Muhd Johan Iskandar Foudzi (2000), and Low Jun Jian (2008). Then, this tournament was discontinued after the 22nd edition for 3 years from 2009 until 2011.  

So, who shall be crowned as Champion in this edition? 

Will s/he become the next generation elite player for the country?

Now, the tournament highlights in Under-16:-

1. In Round 1, two players namely Iskandar Danial Adam and Lee Guang Yang from Klang, Selangor who are eligible as running candidates and to be chosen into Selangor Generasi-10 team for upcoming Kasugi Team Chess Championship had to forfeit their respective game as they reached after the walk-over period of 25 minutes. Generally, no upsets among the top 8 board with the exception of Board 5 where Bausch Koh Sian Kuan lost his Round 1 encounter after failing in his attempt to claim a draw using Article 10.2. The Chief Arbiter, Lim Tse Pin, had applied Article 10.2.c in the given situation and his opponent, Ho Eu Sheng, was awarded 2 extra minutes and the game continued as per normal play. [Take note, do not be mistaken for the 2 extra minutes given to opponent under Article 10.2.b. The game actually has ended and waiting for Arbiter to made a decision at a later stage of the game if Article 10.2.b was applied.]

2. In Round 2, 9th seed Daryl Wong Cheng Lim created an upset by defeating 2nd seed Subramanian Sivanesan. While, 16th seed Viknesh Viajantheran continued to rub salt into 11 y.o. Bausch lousy start to the event. While, 6th seed Sun-Xin had practically killed off 17th seed Guang Yang chance of qualifying into the Selangor Generasi-10 team in this round. Vinton Wong Hsien Loong (was ranked last on the field by accident due to his National Rating was not updated into the rating column. This act has benefited him since he will be paired against lower seeded player on the top-half of the pairing card. His actual ranking should be 9th seed.). He won his encounter against 10th seed Kughan Ravindran.

3. In Round 3, Cheong Jie Yao had created a major upset by defeating MSSM player, Low Jun Keat on Board 2. Both Tharoun Sharma Ravindran and Vinton who had split point in Round 1 had managed to draw against much higher rated players in this round. While, Iskandar and Dawson Tan Soon Wei had won their respective encounter against giant-killer Viknesh and Eu Sheng. Elsewhere, Bausch picked up his first point. Can he clawed back like what he did in Under-14 one week ago from 1 point from 3 games to 5 points from 7 games? Lets wait and see.

4. In Round 4, the battle of supremacy and the right to the U-16 title just started. Whoever wins on Board 1 is likely to be crowned as Champion. 11+ (not yet 12 y.o.) Tan Yong Zhao  had emerged as the clear leader after disposing-off Jie Yao. Other players like Jun Keat, Ethan Wong Hsien Aun,Vinton and Tharoun had won their respective games to be tied on points with Jie Yao.Elsewhere, Natasha Kavina Sundra Rajoo and Lee Zhi Wei had lost unexpected to lower ranked opponents.

5. In Round 5, Ethan and Jie Yao had consolidated their position among the front runners going after top prizes. While, Subramanian got back within a striking distance to compete against the front runners after winning his game against unrated Muhd Adam Fauzan. Elsewhere, Bausch managed to scramble for a win from an inferior position under time pressure after a blunder made by Zhi Wei who had more time on his clock. What about the top board action? Yong Zhao with a 1 point advantage over the field was paired against 3rd seed Jun Keat. The latter attacked furiously on former King located on Queenside and managed to expose the former King for an easy win since the former had to give up at least a pawn or two. Alas, the latter suddenly fell into a simple chess tactic and lost his own Queen instead. Looks like Yong Zhao will join Anas as the youngest player to win Selangor Junior Open (Under-16). Will it happens? Lets wait and see.

6. In Round 6, Yong Zhao should be cruising on the lap for victory since two players who were 1 point lower had lost their games to Yong Zhao in early rounds. He was paired against his nemesis, Subramaniam, who he had not win at all previous encounter. Can he breaks the jinx? Too bad, No. Elsewhere, Jie Yao and Ethan had decided to split the point. Iskandar up the tempo in his quest towards a place in the team by disposing off fellow contender Jun Keat from the challenge and Dawson who did not have a good outing last Sunday too had bounced back to trounce Bausch. Sun Xin and Vinton too had kept up with the pace with respective win. While, Natasha and Zhi Wei did not play up to their rating strength.

7. In Round 7, Yong Zhao was facing a similar situation like MBSSKL Open Under-23 (yup you see it correctly, no typo error in Category) played a day earlier where he was leading the field by half a point until the last round. All he needs is to draw the game. However, he lost the last round and the dream to become the youngest ever Champion in MBSSKL Open was shattered. So near yet so far. Will history repeat itself again? He was paired against Sun Xin. As one by one ended their games, the tension on Board 1 was rising exponentially. All players put their focus on the last remaining board. Nevertheless, Yong Zhao had managed to reach a position of 3 pawns vs. 3 pawns on same side with a slightly favorable King's position before he claimed a draw under Article 10.2. The CA had applied Article 10.2.b in this situation. The verdict, the game ended in a draw shortly by players agreement after both players reach a sensible non-winnable position despite Yong Zhao had sacked a pawn to get into that position purposely. Elsewhere, players on top boards had played their heart out to craft a win under "fairplay spirit" (unlike the scene witnessed a week earlier where players end the game after 1 move was made).

The final standing for top 15 prizewinners as below:-

Take note: Tan Yong Zhao was declared as the Champion due to P/E as first tie-break.

Name FED Rtg Pts.  TB1   TB2   TB3 
Tan Yong ZhaoMAS17145.526.519.7525.5
Ethan Wong Hsien AunMAS15535.528.522.7522.0
Dawson Tan Soon Wei MAS 1459 5.0 26.0 16.50 18.0
Iskandar Danial Adam MAS 1513 5.0 22.0 15.00 17.0
Subramanian Sivanesan MAS 1711 4.5 29.0 18.50 18.5
Ee Sun-Xin-G MAS 1515 4.5 26.5 16.75 16.5
Cheong Jie Yao MAS 1506 4.5 26.0 12.50 22.0
Kughan Ravindran MAS 1475 4.5 22.0 12.50 13.5
Vinton Wong Hsien Loong MAS 1487 4.0 29.0 15.75 18.0
Bausch Koh Sian Kuan MAS 1546 4.0 24.5 13.00 13.0
Lee Guang Yang MAS 1342 4.0 21.0 9.00 11.0
Viknesh Viajantheran MAS 1360 3.5 28.0 13.00 12.5
Daryl Wong Cheng Lim MAS 1480 3.5 22.5 9.00 16.5
Tharoun Sharma Ravindran MAS 1432 3.0 30.0 12.25 16.0
Low Jun Keat MAS 1558 3.0 29.0 9.50 17.0

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